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Hoo’s in Charge?

A-Line Extra.

The talking heads were fuming. Jim Nantz wondered aloud whether the NCAA Selection Committee knew what they were doing. Dick Vitale was enraged that another 20-25 teams from the Biggie East were not invited to the Biggie Dance. It would appear the committee threw the vaunted ‘S-Curve’ onto a room service tray and seeded the tournament by picking names out of a hat.

There certainly were some curious selections by the Selection Committee. Most jarring is North Carolina . The Tylers were rewarded for their coming-of-age February by playing not in the Dean Dome annex in Greensboro , but getting shipped out to Big 11 country, bracketed with a Big 11 power. All of those Carolina fans who spent Saturday night and Sunday morning unloading tickets to the ACC championship game can now turn around and do the same with all of those Greensboro NCAA tickets snapped up after the game in Cameron. Maybe the fans of UNC-Wilmington and George Mason can pick up the slack.

Boston College seemed to have been penalized for making a strong run through the ACC, both regular season and tournament, by getting a 4 seed. One can only imagine where they might have been seeded had they actually beaten Duke Sunday, perhaps a 6 or 7.

Four teams from the mid-major Missouri Valley Conference seems a bit excessive. That was the same number as the ACC. Does the committee seriously think anybody in that conference would have even broken even in the ACC?

Air Force shined into the Tournament while Florida State did not? Obviously there was no smart bomb dropped in the vicinity of Indianapolis . Exactly what is Texas A&M doing in a postseason basketball tournament? To call the selection process a bit flawed is understatement on a par with describing the League of Nations as only moderately unsuccessful.

There is, of course, a rational explanation for this March Madness selection madness. One needs to look no further than the identity of this year’s Selection Committee chairman. That would be Hoo Athletic Director Craig ‘I’ll show you, Tubby’ Littlepage. Little Craig brought the same competence to the Selection Committee that he displayed when botching the Tubby hiring and awarding algroh with that fat contract for losing to Tech so many times.

The guy that once gave Petey Gillen a fat contract shortly before making the rounds of downtown Richmond law firms in an attempt to raise funds to buy out that contract seemed to be about as much in his element running the Selection Committee as he is in Hooville. He displayed the same top-notch management skills that have Hoo fans running pell mell for Scott Stadium exits at halftime of the Tech game.

Little Craig began committee deliberations stating, “Stiff me, Tubby? Enjoy UConn in the second round.” Things then degenerated into the chaos of algroh trying to hire staff. The disorganization was so complete that nobody seemed to notice when the GMU AD stuck his team into a bracket and it was only after they had been released that it was brought to the committee’s attention that somehow or another San Diego State had ended up in the field of sixty-five. It’s a wonder 8-20 East Carolina didn’t find a way in.

And so we head into the tournament with a bit more than the usual griping about the make-up of the field. For all of those griping about their team’s omission or placement, here is something to ponder:

This is what happens when you put a Hoo in charge.

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