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The Morva boys certainly seem to have a knack for making news. A day after William Morva made national headlines by gunning down two people and leading police on an intensive search that concluded when his cunning ploy of hiding within half a mile of the police station proved unsuccessful, another Morva was in the news.

Michael Morva demonstrated a strong sibling rivalry by grabbing some television face time himself, showing up on the Roanoke news. He was clad in what seems to be the preferred fashion choice for the Morva clan these days, an orange jail jumpsuit.

It is not totally unheard of for brothers to dress alike. The Alderson boys often attend Virginia Tech football games both attired in maroon polo shirts [IMHO, this is another solid reason to eschew that god-awful orange. Do all of those Tech students really want to wear the same color as William Morva?]. They are, however, inscribed with ‘VT’ rather than ‘New River Regional Jail.’ I seriously doubt Mother Morva dressed them that way when they were children.

Brother Mike carried his media exposure to another level than did Billy. William confined his television appearances to having his face plastered across television screens nationwide and appearing being dragged off to the slammer by cops; it would seem that Michael was not content with merely being seen and not heard.

As he was being escorted from the Christiansburg courthouse following his arraignment, Michael spotted a Channel 7 news camera and decided to grant an impromptu interview. “My brother is the killer,” he screeched. This touching display of brotherly love was followed by loud protestations that he had done nothing wrong and had been blissfully sleeping in his abode when rousted by police.

Law enforcement saw it otherwise. Michael Morva is charged with aiding in the escape of William and possession of marijuana. The latter does seem to be a bit of judicial RUTS. But I guess if you’re going to feloniously assist someone in escaping, what’s a misdemeanor pot charge? Perhaps William wanted to enjoy a joint before electing to hide almost as close to the police station as possible. He probably was not the first person to ever toke up before heading out onto the Huckleberry Trail.

If the Morva brothers are both guilty as charged and convicted of the crimes of which they are accused, their paths will likely diverge. William would seem to have a hopefully short stay at Greenville in his future. Michael would seem destined for another path.

Despite the fact that friends and family of a fine deputy are mourning his passing due in part to alleged actions by Michael Morva, he has not been charged with a capital crime, at least not yet. If convicted, he does face a lengthy penitentiary sentence. Maybe he will have a use for that coffee cup held by the fast food manager as he stared out of his prison cell in an episode of ‘My Name Is Earl.’ It read: ‘World’s Best Bottom.’

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