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Lamar Moves On

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Former Miami Hurricanes football player, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers football player, former Miami Dolphins football player, former Miami Hurricanes television broadcaster and former Dade County Jail inmate Lamar Thomas announced a new venture.

Thomas announced the formation of the Lamar Thomas School of Broadcasting. Speaking at the new school’s picturesque campus located adjacent to the Folk Nation headquarters in Miami , Thomas said that the school was being formed to provide alternative voices to traditional sports media.

“Now, that’s what I’m talking about,” said Thomas, adding, “these guys that ain’t telling it like it is should get their butts beat. You can’t come across the airways talking that stuff. They talk like they’re across the ocean over there.”

Thomas said that the goal of the Lamar Thomas School of Broadcasting was to involve broadcasters in the game. Describing his school’s philosophy, Thomas said, “We want to train guys who will go down the elevator and get in the thing.”

Thomas announced that a distinguished faculty had been put together for the school. It would include Steve Lyons, Harold Reynolds, Ben Wright, Deems May, Opie and Anthony, and Howard Stern. He also said there would be special guest lecturers that would include Miami football coach Larry Coker speaking on ‘Positive Visualization When Describing On-Field Brawls.’ “Everybody will be wanting to hear that one,” said Thomas.

Thomas declined to address the termination of his most recent job broadcasting Miami games for Comcast

Sports SouthEast [CSS]. He would only issue an invitation to CSS General Manager Mark Fuhrman to “meet me in the tunnel at the OB so we can get it on.”

The Lamar Thomas School of Broadcasting announced a banner inaugural class would be enrolling. Entering would be Anthony Reddick, Carlos Armour, Chris Barney, James Bryant, Tyrone Byrd, DajLeon Farr, Ryan Hill, Bruce Johnson, Charlie Jones, Brandon Meriweather, Brian Monroe, Derrick Morse and Randy Phillips. Thomas concluded by saying that “this incoming class represents the quality we want to achieve here at the Lamar Thomas School of Broadcasting.”

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