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Clap For The Weauxf Gods

Jared Dudley seemed uncharacteristically reticent. The BC star forward and ACC Player of the Year favorite had little to say following Tech’s Wednesday night demolition of the Eagles. That was in stark contrast to his pre-game media comments. Dudley provided solid evidence of the most dependable of sayings in all of sports: the Weauxf Gods will get you every time.

Of all the ACC expansion teams, BC was the only one to bring to their new league the in-your-face attitude so prevalent in the Big East. A league that prides itself on at least a veneer of gentility among rival coaches and players now counts among its membership the trash-talking Eagles.

The BC players start their yapping seemingly from the moment they come onto the floor and start their lay-up lines. They keep it up for the entire game, too, even when down by thirty. It is the way of the Big East, if not the ACC.

Recently, however, Dudley took his weauxfing to the next level. Over the last week or so, it’s about the only part of BC’s game that has achieved a higher plateau. Dudley had derided Tech’s defensive prowess in a story in the Washington Post, claiming the Hokies were not a particularly good defensive team. He might have been watching a little too much film of Tech’s NC State debacle.

Dudley ’s comments in the Post quickly made their way around town. They seemed to have been printed out on flyers passed around campus, pasted onto billboards out on 460, sky-written across the Southwestern Virginia sky and scrolled across the Cassell message board. It was the Magna Carta of bulletin board material.

Most coaches will go to enormous effort to avoid giving opponents the slightest iota of extra motivation. This fall, Tech fans will get to enjoy statements by Frank claiming that William and Mary could win the SEC. Al Skinner could not have been overly thrilled by Dudley ’s comments. The Weauxf Gods were certainly impressed.

The only thing left for Dudley to do was to back up his talk on the floor. How did that work out? Not too good. An aroused Tech squad pounded BC, engaging in a defensive and dunk-fest that saw the Second Half margin reach thirty before Dudley did manage to burnish his POY credentials during garbage time by actually scoring some points. He had not done nearly so well during the half the outcome was actually in doubt.

Dudley did have an eagle’s-eye view to some excellent defense played on him by Deron Washington . Jared also had a terrific perch to witness some of Deron’s monster dunks. Otherwise, Dudley had a very poor game, often showing all the intensity and competency of Fredo when Solozzo’s men gunned down the Don. When the ire of the Weaufx Gods is aroused, they don’t screw around.

The Weauxf Gods had already been playing close attention during this strange ACC basketball season. Normal message board bluster such as, ‘There is no way Virginia Tech can beat the Heels in the Deandome,’ ‘NC State’s win in Cassell was a fluke,’ ‘It’s laughable to suggest the Hoos might lose to Miami’ and ‘Clemson is so good they might go undefeated’ is mother’s milk to the Weauxf Gods. They are always alert and ready to wield their awesome power.

Usually, however, it is the message board loons that provide sustenance to the Weauxf Gods. It is not often that players get into the act. Dudley sure got their attention. By the time the Weauxf Gods and Tech’s maligned defense was through with him, he was ready for that rocking chair Tech presented to Fred Barakat of the ACC staff. Dudley was certainly more retiring than Fred.

And so this topsy-turvy ACC basketball season continues. Tech continues to be an enigmatic bunch, perfectly capable of winning in Cameron and Dean’s Dome, blowing out the Hoos and now Fredo, and losing badly at NC State. The undermanned Pack seems to have great difficulty against anybody not named Virginia Tech or North Carolina , at least half the time against the latter. The Hoos can manage a second-place tie in the current standings without beating anybody of note. Maryland and Georgia Tech both win and lose enough to cause extended bubble baths. Clemson seems determined to play their way out of NCAA consideration. Is this a fun league, or what?

Then there is BC, once the toast of the conference but now dropping faster than Fredo hit the bottom of the lake. They recently got a demonstration as to why Carolina and Duke have dominated ACC basketball for so long and now find their losing streak extended to three after getting blown out by Tech. Adios, good NCAA seed.

Generally, teams on two-game losing streaks and preparing to play a tough Tech team in Cassell don’t compound their problems by mouthing off in the paper, thus garnering the attention of the Weauxf Gods. Jared Dudley did, however and paid the price. Let that be a lesson.

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