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Tech Still Unbeaten in Dean’s Dome

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Virginia Tech remained unbeaten in Dean’s Dome, defeating North Carolina 81-80 Tuesday night. The Hokies continued their remarkable streak of never having lost in the legendary basketball palace, running their all-time record there to 1-0.

Days earlier, Tech coach Seth Greenberg had been asked the secret to not losing in Dean’s Dome. Greenberg, now holder of the highest winning percentage in Dean’s Dome history at 1.000, had responded that ‘not playing there works pretty well.’

Forced by ACC schedule-makers to actually play there, the Tech team responded with a gritty effort, toppling the Tar Heels in overtime. Greenberg, whose Dean’s Dome record improved to 1-0 and saw his unbeaten streak there extend to one, lauded the play of his team and especially that of guard Zabian Dowdell.

Referring to Dowdell, Greenberg said, “He told me to tell him to make plays, so I told him to make plays.” It is this kind of astute coaching that has Greenberg in line for a second ACC Coach of the Year award.

Carolina coach Ol’ Roy took personal responsibility for the loss, calling it the ‘worst coaching job I’ve ever done’ in 19 years as a head coach. Considering some of the first-round NCAA exits to Number 15 seeds that happened while Ol’ Roy coached Kansas , that was considered quite a statement.

The bone-headed coaching moves claimed by Ol’ Roy including instructing Carolina big man Tyler the Good to miss critical free throws and at the end of overtime ordering point guard Ty Lawson to drive into a lane containing a nest of Hokies and have his shot swatted away. Ol’ Roy , still winless all-time against Virginia Tech at home, and everywhere else this season, concluded his post-game remarks by saying, “It’s just bad coaching.”

Carolina message board loons claimed otherwise, blaming ACC referees for the loss. They maintained that the game officials had been instructed by ACC Commissioner Little Johnny Swofford to hand the game to Tech. This was considered part of a grand scheme to wreck Carolina basketball by Swofford [UNC ‘71].

Others pointed to the presence in Dean’s Dome of new Carolina football coach Butch Davis. It was thought that Davis , famous for losing home games to underdog Tech teams while at Miami , was up to his old tricks.

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