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Chasing the Legend

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These sure are interesting times for observers of college football in this state. Decisions concerning the quarterback position had to be made. One was made last Saturday night and confirmed early in the week. The other apparently will come in December.

The latest quarterback drama, of course, came during the Tech- LSU game, as Frank stood on the sideline watching the score mount. As ESPN continued to provide close-ups of Frank during the carnage, it was hard not to wonder what the Tech coach was thinking. It turned out it was, ‘You know, I should be more like algroh.’

Immediately, off came Tyrod’s red-shirt and onto the field he went. This was a solid impersonation of algroh’s efforts at long-term strategic thinking a week earlier at Wyoming. The impersonation has fallen off a bit this week, however.

Frank wasted little time in announcing that Tyrod was his man. This seemed to come as quite a surprise to Sean Glennon, if few others. Frank indicated that his decades-old offensive philosophy of controlling things with the ground game had been scrapped in favor of the Run Away Offense used to some effect by Coach Arthur years ago in the Holy Grail Bowl.

While Frank might have demonstrated a desire last Saturday to emulate algroh, this week he hasn’t been quite as effective. That is because up in Hooville the Great NFL Legend keeps raising the bar.

Shortly after Frank had made his announcement, algroh was asked about his starting QB. “We don’t have one,” was the reply of the Great NFL Legend, adding, “Top that, Beamer!” That algroh doesn’t think the Hoos have a starting quarterback certainly came as no surprise to those still following Hoo football. It also seems to indicate that the plague of ‘not having one’ was spreading past wide receiver and Offensive Coordinator to the rest of the Hoo offense.

Expounding on his pronouncement, algroh claimed, “it’s a rotational situation,” much like his staff, and “it’s not about who starts and who finishes and who’s called what.” This left Hoo fans wondering exactly what it was all about all the while hoping that the ‘rotational situation’ would also apply to boygroh.

Determined that Frank would find it even tougher to copy his brilliant coaching stratagems, algroh continued. “Whatever our game plan calls for, just as soon as boygroh figures out how to draw one up and how we decide to start the game, usually down by a couple of scores and whichever particular set of plays running Pearman off tackle we decide to feature will determine the starter unless it does not.”

Surveying the crowd of sportswriters staring at him jaws agape and with glazed eyes, algroh said, “That’s the honest answer for Week 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.” As boygroh asked, “What’s that number after six again, Dad?” it was duly noted that algroh didn’t plan on naming a starter until Week 14, December 8. It was not known if Hoo Athletic Director Craig ‘Well, Tubby, if nothing else algroh can count’ Littlepage also planned on a rotational situation at coach.

When asked afterwards if he still planned on attempting to copy algroh’s coaching techniques, Frank replied, “I give up. They don’t call algroh the Great NFL Legend for nothing.”

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