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Sticking It Out

So much for sticking it in. Well, at least at Tech football games. In a sweeping edict that ranks right up there with King Vijayabahu’s issuance of the Ambagamuwa Rock Edict in order to glorify his own munificence, Tech Athletic Director jimmy has declared that Tech’s famous ‘Stick it in’ cheer shall no longer be heard in Lane Stadium. Tech students are much more vocal in their displeasure than were the rocks.

While it would seem that there are more important things to worry about concerning Tech football these days than harmless cheers from Tech students, jimmy obviously doesn’t see it that way.

This is not jimmy’s first attempt at attempting to ensure that the crowds in Lane are every bit as mute as those Buddhist pilgrims who maintain silence while climbing Sri Pada, the source of the Rock Edict. There was a time, not so long ago, when the Tech band[s] would strike up ‘Na Na, Hey, Hey’ during the closing minutes of Tech victories. jimmy felt there were members of the opposing team who might not know they were beaten, and considered those thousands of fans who joined in wishing the defeated visitor ‘Good-bye’ a bad show of Hokie Respect to remind them. It was banned by papal edict, although jimmy had more success eliminating the cheer than most any Pope has in getting people to pay attention to his.

If I were the father of a Tech coed, and I am very grateful that I am not, I would be much more concerned about my daughter yelling ‘Stick it in’ at one of those fraternity bacchanals that happen after home games than I would inside Lane. Considering the current state of the Tech offense, the opportunities for it to be yelled are greater with the frat boys.

It is claimed by jimmy that he has received ‘numerous’ complaints about the cheer. Certainly not from anyone sitting around me, a section on the West side well away from the students. The luxury boxes must be really fun places.

The Tech students claim they are not going to take a ban on sticking it in lying down. Judging by the comments in the Collegiate Times and that Facebook group, more people paid attention to the edict by King Mswati III of Swaziland ordering all young women to abstain from sex for five years than will jimmy’s. The amount of ridicule generated seems about the same for both.

While the finer points seem to be lost on jimmy, there is a bit of a difference in drunken students accosting visiting fans out in the Public Lot and innocuous cheers inside Lane. Hokie Respect should be a source of pride, not of division and derision. jimmy seems determined that it be the latter.

Once again, it is demonstrated that jimmy’s public relations skills are quite a bit less developed than his financial ones. Whether it be the ‘Good-bye’ cheer, stupid press box access policies based on nothing but his vindictive streak [ignoring the message boards works just fine for me, jimmy, if that is indeed the reason] and now this latest, he seems bound and determined to irritate the largest numbers of Tech fans possible. He is certainly succeeding.

One of these days, and that might be drawing closer, Tech might wish it had back some of those fans jimmy seems determined on driving away with his ‘if you don’t like it, somebody else will’ attitude. It will be hard to fill Lane with only Platinum’s and the easily-offended if a 5-7 season suddenly pops up. It would seem he would have been better served not by muzzling the future of Tech’s alumni [and financial] base, but by instructing those with the skins the thickness of tissue paper to get over it.

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