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Hoos Cut the Cheese

Virginia Tech rode a last second shot by Deron Washington to defeat the Hoos 70-69 Wednesday night in Hooville’s John Paul Jones Center. The Hokies had rallied from a 69-64 deficit in the last three minutes of overtime.

The Hoos’ latest defeat was a costly one, as the promise of free cheese from the Brix Market in Hooville following a Hoo victory again did not materialize. The Hoos cut the cheese from their fans despite a sterling 34-point effort by Hoo point guard Sean Singletary.

Hoo coach Fallback Dave was philosophical about the loss. “I’ve lost games that were blow-outs and I’ve lost close buzzer-beaters, and that was just in the last four days. Let’s face it- I’ve lost a lot of games. Obviously it is disappointing to lose any game, and to lose a game like this is even more disappointing, because I know how much our fans like cheese to go with their whine.”

Fallback Dave continued his post-loss remarks saying, “You practice for a particular reason and sooner or later we will figure out that reason. From top to bottom, there were many, many, many, many, many and many times during timeouts or during whatever it was we were doing that we are talking about simplistic mistakes.”

Fallback Dave again referred to his woeful practices, claiming, “Part of it is not teaching, er, learning the proper lessons in practice.” It was noted, however, that Fallback Dave’s stated “We rely on things that other teams can and do take away” teaching techniques were being learned by his charges pretty well.

The Hoos applied their practice lessons well, as noted by Fallback Dave. The Hoo reliance on things other teams can take away was explained by, “When that happens you get down to the final stages of games hoping that things will happen. That’s what happened.”

Fallback Dave, a happening guy, also claimed that his motivational technique of not allowing Hoo players to use their locker room was having a positive effect. Instituted following a 38-point Hoo loss to Xavier, the policy has energized the Hoos. Since the policy was announced, the Hoos have lost by 22 to Duke and now 1 to Tech. “See,” crowed Fallback Dave, “the losses are getting closer.” Fallback Dave announced that in an effort to reduce the margin of defeat even more, the Hoos would now change outside the arena.

Hoo AD Craig ‘Another home loss to Tech is not exactly earth-shaking news around here, Tubby’ Littlepage again defended his decision to honor Tech football great Bruce Smith before the Hoos’s football loss to Tech last November. “We didn’t do a damn thing for Dell Curry, and lost anyway,” said Littlepage, adding, “It’s not necessary to honor Hokies to lose to them. algroh has sure proved that.”

Fallback Dave vowed the Hoos would attempt to not cut the cheese during Saturday night’s game against Fredo, saying, “I know how much our fans like to whine and we certainly hope to give them free cheese to go with it.”


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