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Hoo Fun

Another game, another Tech win. Tech has followed up its annual football beating of the Hoos with a season’s sweep of the basketball series. From a Hoo point of view, at least Fallback Dave keeps the scores closer.

Tech seems to be getting the hang of this overtime thing. The Hoos continue to perfect their practice of blowing leads late in the game. Put it all together and you have a Tech team that is astounding all, including themselves, with a 5-3 ACC record at the mid-season turn. The Hoos, on the other hand, have firmly entrenched themselves in last place.

This game, like the first, was entirely too close for comfort. Tech seemed to tip the ball off with its best outside gunner AD Vassallo in foul trouble. The lack of another reliable three-point threat enabled the Hoos to pack a zone in so tightly around Jeff Allen that getting him the ball became virtually impossible. To say the Tech team had trouble scoring is to put it mildly.

The Hoos were able to maintain at least some margin until Vassallo got on the floor long enough to shoot them out of the zone. When they had to play man-to-man, Tech’s superior athleticism kicked in and that was that, although JT Thompson could have saved Tech fans a great deal of angst by sparing us having to watch it in overtime. Oh, well, all’s well that ends well.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that all is not well with either ailing Hoo star Sean Singletary or Fallback Dave’s program. Singletary continues to function as a one-man team.

You don’t win many games that way and the Hoos are not.

Singletary continues to try and carry the Hoo team on a hip that is getting worse and worse with a pointer. You have to admire the sheer grit and determination displayed by Sean as he attempts to play through the pain, but the strain and stress are clearly wearing him down. His production is suffering and nobody on the Hoo team seems inclined to help him out.

Singletary’s hip pointer is deteriorating to the point that Fallback Dave needs to sit him down. Sean had little business playing against Tech. But giving his star some time off to rest and heal means those close losses turn into blowouts, not exactly conducive to maintaining a million-dollar contract. So it continues to be demanded that Singletary play in pain for Fallback Dave’s gain.

Singletary complained in the papers about the lack of effort displayed by his teammates compared to that being expended by Tech. The lackadaisical play of one Hoo gave every indication he would much rather have been on the Arts Grounds watching a production of ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ than in Cassell helping out his beleaguered star.

At least one of the Hoo players saw it different, griping in public about the coaching of Fallback Dave. Indeed, Fallback Dave seemed to be idling away his time on the Hoo bench not figuring out how to motivate his players but instead refining his George imitation.

As he watched his team collapse in overtime, Fallback Dave must have been in up to the knuckle. I’m sure Seth got quite a surprise during the post-game handshake.

The Hoos might not be able to beat Tech anymore, but at least they can continue to express their loudly-boasted intellectual superiority through such activities as trashing Hokie Birds and sliming the Tech coaches.

While the Hoos keep losing, they are at least still able to provide comic relief. Hoo radio shill Baghdad Mac continues to vent his spleen and set the tone for Hoo message board loons whining that Tech wins, even in basketball, because that evil Frank is a cheater and if you want the straight dope simply call a 900 number and for $0.25 a minute [got to finish paying for the JPC one way or another] one of Sally’s descendents will explain in Hegel’s dialect that Frank cheats by adhering to NCAA admissions policies. ‘Resolved: Frank Cheats By Not Cheating’ should be an interesting exercise for that famed and rigorous Hoo Rhetoric curriculum.

Baghdad Mac’s act is embellished by the hilarity being provided these days by the Hoo football program. Seventy years after Hoo U was rejected for membership in the Ivy League, Dr. Casteen seems determined that, if nothing else, he will field a football team worthy of the Ivies. This means that algroh’s football players are going to have to trod the same ground in Mr. Jefferson’s Academical Village as the rest of the budding young chasers of ambulances. The Great NFL Legend will have to confine his recruiting strictly to rich kids with the numeral IV after their name, since the same standard for keeping them in school will apply as does to Farnsworth and Grover, having Daddy donate enough money for a new library wing.

Just when algroh was planning to relax, kick back and brag about finally achieving the Really Big Year of a Gator Bowl and only losing to Frank by 12, this happens. It’s not easy being a Great NFL Legend. algroh could normally look on the bright side, what with Signing Day right around the corner, but, Whoops!

We head into the second half of the season with Tech fans still enjoying another ACC football championship as well as an overachieving basketball team that has just swept the Hoos. Throw in the added bonus of watching Hoo athletics eat itself and these are great days.

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