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Spring and the Cowboys


We seem to be running out of sports. A new college basketball champion was crowned, much to the delight of Ol’ Roy. Spring football practices are wrapping up, meaning that great gala is on tap for Hooville. There ain’t much left until the Dead Zone kicks in. But, I have found a new musical taste.

The Final Two certainly provided an exciting game. The nine-point collapse in the last two minutes certainly did much for Bill Self’s ability to Frank. If Lew Perkins matches Boone Pickens’ oil money, Kansas season ticket holders for basketball had best make sure their nasal cavities are clean, as the cost of observing the Jayhawks is going to be routed through them. 4 extra-large per year? That certainly makes what Carolina pays Ol’ Roy seem like a hoot.

The Head Heel had managed to create quite a stir among the Caroloons with his Monday night accessorizing.

It certainly made for an amusing couple of days reading Carolina message boards. You can’t beat message boards for pure comic relief.

With the amount of college sports to watch now approaching none for the next few months, there is always the question of what to do with all of that time formerly spent reclining in my recliner watching basketball for hours on end. One can only take so much of Rachel Ray’s giggling.

Fortunately, something was brought to my attention. I am not sure how many are aware, but there is a musical group known as the Leningrad Cowboys.

I wasn’t until a most fortuitous link popped up in my Inbox. I seem to lead a fairly sheltered life. I was immediately enthralled. That led to a a good chunk of an afternoon spent [wasted?] surfing around You Tube watching videos from the Finnish band. The best ones were collaborations with the Red Russian Army Choir, another bunch that I would assume had some time or their hands. Opportunities for performances to the Red Army would seem to be limited these days.

The Cowboys and Choir have covered quite a few American classic rock classics. After extensive research, I have determined that my favorites include this one, along with this one, and this one. Dylan didn’t do it any better. The Cowboys are also a versatile lot, able to branch out from the American classics and do a commendable job on this Monty Python anthem.

The Red Army Choir also has some outstanding You Tube stuff of their own. This stirring version of the Soviet Anthem is guaranteed to have everyone pining for the good old days of Stalin.

I anticipate spending [wasting?] quite a bit more time observing Choir and Cowboys. It should help tide me over until football season.

Ah, yes, football season. There will be another in a few months, as tidings from the Virginia Tech Ticket Office indicated. These things don’t get any cheaper, do they? Well, those exciting games against Furman and some Directional Kentucky will certainly be worth it.

Before those long desolate Dead Zone months, however, there is at least a little taste of football, the Spring Game. Tech’s will be in a couple of weeks, when 30k or so Hokies gather to wrap several hours worth of tailgating around about 45 minutes of something approaching football.

Most coaches don’t particularly care for spring games and Frank Beamer is no exception. The whole idea seems to be to get the thing over with as quickly as possible without getting anybody hurt. That, and stimulating the Blacksburg economy a bit with the infusion of fans and their dollars from around the state. The latter seems to be working out pretty well.

The week before the Tech Spring Game, this Saturday, as a matter of fact, we will be treated to that other state spring football extravaganza. That would be, of course, the annual Hoo Football Festivus.

The usual throng of tens of tens will be on hand to observe algroh’s Incredible Shrinking Roster. Thankfully, it is being held before the spring semester grades are posted, so algroh should still have enough players to fill out two teams, barely.

The Hoos usually have great difficulty in attracting fans to their annual Festivus. Indeed, the crowds at the Smithsonian for the Festivus are generally on a par with those of the Fourth Quarter for regular season games.

Once again, in attempting to drag people kicking and screaming to the Festivus, the Hoos are providing all sorts of alternatives to actually watching what’s left of algroh’s squad.

There will be an on-field football combine, with fans invited to test their football skills. Hoo football scholarships will be offered to those showing the most promise.

There will also be something called a Junior Sportscaster booth. Fans will be invited to try their hand at describing another Tech touchdown against the Hoos, complaining about how Frank cheats and putting the best possible spin on the Hoos’ latest loss to Tech. It would seem the Hoos are growing weary of Mac’s goofiness and are searching for a replacement. A rank amateur would certainly be an upgrade.

Finally, there will be the Hoo Essay Contest. School children are invited to submit essays that answers the following question: Why character matters. Entries will be judged by Ahmad the Great.

Unfortunately, I will be joining virtually all Hoo football fans in again missing this year’s Hoo Football Festivus. I will, however, be attending the Spring Game next week at Tech. It will be good to see the Clubhouse crew again. Until then, I’m heading back to You Tube for more Choir and Cowboys.

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