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logo-virginiatechWe now have an answer to the question of ‘Suppose the ACC gave a football championship game and nobody came?’ The answer, of course, is ‘Virginia Tech would win it, as usual.’

The Hokies knocked off Fredo last Saturday in the relative solitude of Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium. If Tech is going to continue to split two games per season with Fredo, they certainly have a pretty good handle on which is the most important to win. While the series does seem to be a bit more competitive these days than it was back in the Big East when Frank was pounding Tom O’Brien year after year, the end result is still pretty much the same. Frank will be taking Tech to its sixth ‘big bowl’ in the last fourteen years, those involving conference champions, while Fredo will again spend another offseason watching the now-frayed video of Uncle Doug’s pass.

The Tech offense in general and Tyrod in particular did choose a most opportune time to start resembling a legitimate college offense and quarterback. They embellished the output the previous week against the Hoos by actually finding the end zone a couple of times this week. Tech’s much-maligned offensive line, which for most of the season had been pretty darn offensive, was able to effectively neutralize Fredo’s outstanding defensive tackle combination of Brace and Raji to enable the ground game to be established, which in turn opened up all sorts of interesting possibilities for Tyrod.

On the other side of the ball, the ‘deer in the headlights’ look which BC’s freshman QB Davis spent much of the game wearing is one often seen by Bud’s crew when opposed by an inexperienced quarterback. Orion Martin likely boarded Fredo’s flight home in order to chase Davis around some more. Even now Davis might be running around the streets of Chestnut Hill with Orion hot on his heels.

Fredo’s football capo Jags is likely chatting with some of his players about all of that weauxfing they did in the papers about the softness of Tech. Both the Tech players and the Weauxf Gods heard it. Dumber words haven’t some out of Fredo’s mouth since, “there was something in it for ME, Mike.’ Not an Orange Bowl, Fredo.

With the ACC championship, Tech’s third in its five years in the conference, it continues to demonstrate its dominance of the league. For all of the good old N&O’s gushing about Butch being the greatest coach in the history of football [we shall see if that continues when the Cowboys job opens in a few weeks], the constant ‘the Canes are Back’ prattle, St. Bobby’s ramblings about one more good year, the perceived genius of Jim Grobe, whether Paul Johnson’s gimmick offense will continue to prosper after some pretty good ACC DC’s study it for another winter and even algroh’s current boasts of ‘we’re almost as good as Tech,’ it is Frank and Tech that are winning the ACC 60% of the time. That ain’t too shabby.

This one must be very satisfying to Frank and the boys. It came at the end of one of the more difficult campaigns seen at Tech in a while. There were numerous hard questions asked about the offense and the competence of the coaches and the direction of the program. Frank is not used to having his tenure questioned and didn’t much like it. All’s well that ends well, however, and this ended with even more ACC hardware. While there might be one spot in Merryman that remains empty, the trophy case containing conference championships is getting pretty crowded.

Tech now heads back to Miami to face Li’l E champ Cincinnati in what will be the BCS crown jewel bowl game. Fox should announce soon whether they will actually televise this game or replace it with reruns of ’24’ and ‘House.’ After last Saturday’s ratings came in, ABC must have wondered if showing the last few episodes of ‘Boston Legal’ would have been more advisable.

As he attempts, again, to do something about his lousy bowl record, Frank promises that this time, he will actually take the game seriously, for a change. It can be expected that while packing for the trip, Frank will leave in Blacksburg certain parts of his wardrobe.

logo-accBehind that painted-on smile Little Johnny was showing as he presented the trophy to Frank in front of a couple of dozen Tech fans, one couldn’t help but wonder what he was really thinking. It was probably closer to ‘so much for Tampa’ than ‘I sure wish we had gotten Syracuse.’ It has now been demonstrated that 1] the ACC cannot even give football championship game tickets away, and they sure tried and 2] adding three hours to the drive faced by Tech fans on short notice and in the teeth of a tough economy was not the brightest of command decisions.

Well, Jax no longer wanted anything to do with the game and it had to go somewhere. As he gets back to his Grandover office and attempts to convince the boys at Disney that if they will just give the ACC one more huge football contract he will personally guarantee that FSU and the Canes will be Back and playing each and every year for as long as the game of football exists, it will be in the back of his mind that pretty soon this game will be played at Grimsley High in Greensboro on a weeknight televised by the Deuce, maybe. Rest assured, Little Johnny, that with the way your luck has been running, you can guarantee the Noles and Canes when the game hits Charlotte in 2010.

We move on to bowl season, with at least a few thousand Tech fans making travel plans for South Florida and the Music City Bowl preparing to shred its contract with the ACC [remember what happened the last time Fredo was there?]. Among the other games involving ACC teams, the one involving Carolina and the Cousins jumps out.

I would advise all of my Tar Heel friends reading this, and there are quite a few, that you are in for a real treat. After the Cousins spend a few hours experimenting with the hotel novelties of running water and flush toilets, they will head out into uptown Charlotte, exclaim, “Looky them funny high mountains,” then be on the lookout for fights and flammables.

That upscale seafood restaurant in uptown where on a Friday night in late August I enjoyed a truly exceptional meal of rare Ahi Tuna marinated in fish sauce and wasabi had best have some fried catfish on the menu in a few weeks or there will be serious trouble.

To my buddy BobLee, when you head out for breakfast at your favorite Charlotte area Waffle House or Cracker Barrel [I sure hope the breakfast at that Miami Cracker Barrel is as good as it was last year and the waitress will not need that new coat], the smoke will be from burning booths the Cousins have lit out of habit.

There is one final piece of business to be covered in this missive. It comes from Hooville. Blood might be thicker than water, but it turns out it is considerably thinner than a stack of dollar bills piled two million high. No sooner had boygroh told his pre-school class that ‘My Daddy is the best’ than Hoo AD Craig ‘Tubby, at least half of them are gone’ Littlepage was informing algroh that there would either be one or two fewer members of the clangroh on Mr. Jefferson’s Grounds next year. The Great NFL Legend thought for a second or two and decided that since boygroh would be living in the basement one way or the other, he had better hang onto that fat paycheck for at least one more year. boygroh can now spend next season playing with all of the Bowden children.

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