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Another Hooville Escape

A-Line Extra

Media sources around the state have reported yet another escape from the Hoo football staff.

Bob Diaco, hired as Hoo Defensive Coordinator after Magical Bob magically disappeared after serving only a 12-month sentence, has reportedly escaped from the Grounds.

While Diaco is the latest in what have been numerous sucessful escapes from the Hoo program, he becomes the first to make a bid for freedom before coaching a single game.

Hoo football coach and Great NFL Legend algroh would not comment on Diaco’s escape, saying only, “Fallback Dave might beat Tech tonight. How is that gonna make me look?”

Hoo AD Craig ‘Tubby, cross your fingers. We might actually beat Tech at something’ Littlepage vowed that security would be stepped up in the McCue Center following this latest breakout. He indicated increased security measures under consideration included sturdier locks on football staff cells offices, a 10-foot high chain link fence topped with barbed wire around the Grounds, blocking of all roads leading out of Hooville and the hiring of recently-paroled boygroh as a guard.

Diaco was reportedly sighted in the Cincinnati area.


  1. BobLee — February 18, 2009 #

    Hokie Jim with his own website is akin to giving Mike Krzyzewski his own megaphone ….. or algroh a lifetime contract. The world is just a little bit less safe today.


    Jim Reply:

    At least I only have one. With all the bandwidth you are hogging, that’s all that is left.


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