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Finger Food

Spending a weekend snacking on ACC basketball enabled one to enjoy all sorts of tasty morsels. NC State encountered little more difficulty in taking Atlanta than did Sherman. There was something found in Hooville rarer than cheap wine. And there was another problem from Seth’s poster-boy recruit. It wasn’t too hard to put the finger on this one.

The weekend got underway in a fairly inauspicious manner, unless you were a fan of NC State. The Pack built a double-digit lead over Georgia Tech. That has gotten commonplace for El Sid’s team in recent games. There was a major difference this time- State didn’t blow it.

State instead held it, expanded and then easily won going away. The GT players gave every indication that they were very tired of all of the close losses. After a couple of half-hearted attempts at narrowing the margin, they decided to beat the long postgame lines at the Varsity and packed it in. So much for all of that effort Paul Hewitt had been praising.

El Sid’s crew is now a blown lead at the other Tech from having won three in a row and being considered the ACC’s second-hottest team. Even with all of the guard problems, they are getting better.

The ACC’s weekend buffet of games then moved to College Park. Terps’ coach Gary Williams has been taking major heat, as more and more people are noticing that it has been a while since the hardware year and things haven’t been all that great lately.

Among those figuring it out was the Washington Post, which ran a three-part series detailing the woes afflicting the guy who once claimed to be the ACC’s only coach named Williams to have won a national championship, but now seems to be the ACC’s only coach named Williams who is presiding over a marked decline in his program.

Nobody outside of North Carolina, however, has ever claimed GWilliams was anything but a very good X and O coach. He sure demonstrated that ability, coming up with a terrific game plan that kept the Tech team utterly flummoxed. Needless to say, the Terps won. All was well in Garyland, at least until the next Carolina game.


Tech’s loss at Maryland received an exclamation point from the latest problem from Tech’s problem child Jeff Allen.

What was most amusing about this latest manifestation of why so many coaches decided Allen wasn’t worth the trouble he causes was the spirited defenses of him by some Tech fans. ‘So what?’ ‘It was no big deal’ and ‘What, you never gave anybody the finger on national television when you were young, or bumped a referee, or mouthed off to your coach, or approached the game with a half-assed attitude?’ were just a few of the excuses put forward. Tech sure seems to have a lot of fans subscribing to the ‘It’s only bad behavior when it is done by a player on somebody else’s team’ school of thought. Many are the same fans who see nothing wrong whatsoever with the cesspool of a program that is Seth’s stock in trade and will virulently attack as holier-than-thou those who do.

cbd245072Sunday brunch brought exotic fare. The Hoos actually won a game. The expressions on the faces of the coaching combatants were priceless. Fallback’s Dave’s ‘My god, we actually won one’ was nicely complemented by the ‘Holy *#%@, we just lost to the Hoos’ look on the face of Clem’s Oliver Purnell. Maybe Hoo AD Craig ‘Tubby, watch them eat our dust, now’ Littlepage should send out more e-mails. Fallback Dave sure got the message. We shall see if the same is done by algroh, after he picks himself off the floor after again getting hit by that revolving staff door.

The meat and potatoes of the ACC buffet came Sunday night, when ACC superstars Duke and Carolina took the court. In the opening game, brought to us in stunning low-definition by the geniuses at Comcast [I lay out big bucks for a Sony Bravia and this is what I get?], Duke added to its shooting problems a new inability to hold on to the ball. When Coach K’s opening remarks after a game are ‘Beats me what’s wrong,’ all is not well on Methodist Flats. Once again, the indication at Duke is that perhaps all that can be gotten out of a team with no discernible inside game has been garnered. How has the NBA career of Josh McRoberts worked out, anyway?


Dessert came Monday morning while perusing the good old N&O. I was quite surprised to find out what I had thought was a very good game highlighted by a stout effort from Jack McClinton was actually a case of Ty Lawson ‘burying’ the Canes. Ol’ Roy sure laid it on with that 4-point RUTS.

There are three weeks to go from this year’s version of a basketball appetizer, the regular season. I don’t have my fill yet.

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