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Hello, Again

Notice anything different? Well, probably not if you are receiving this update by e-mail. You will.

Welcome to the new A-Line. I’m told it was a long time coming. Whether it’s the new and improved A-Line remains to be seen. There are all sorts of nifty new features in this format. You can figure them out for yourself. Do bear in mind that the Comments part of this is about one loon from being disabled.

I would certainly like to hog take credit for this snappy-looking new site. I would like to, but I can’t. Web page design is one of a few things in which my knowledge base is perhaps not what it could be. Fortunately, I have friends who do know a thing or two about the mysteries of HTML. They include a Russian who took it upon himself to put all of this together. It is appreciated, at least by me. Спасибо, Иван


There seem to have been quite a few intriguing storylines on view since we last visited. With the multi-Tech win, the one from Virginia has managed to elbow, gouge and otherwise bludgeon its way into third place in the ACC. There have also been a blown double-digit lead and a double-digit comeback. The latter is preferable.

As expected, Carolina has established themselves as the cream of the ACC crop. They had way too much size, speed and Lawson for Duke. The Devils continue to be a jump-shooting team that quite often in recent games can’t hit jump shots. That will certainly come in handy in March.

Wake’s Dino Gaudio is discovering that this whole ACC head coaching thing ain’t quite as easy as it seemed a month ago. State, Dino? The win over the Deacs did seem to have the Pack’s El Sid in a better frame of mind than, say, after Sunday’s meltdown in Cassell.

With the exception of that ‘Whoops’ at home against Florida State, Clemson looks pretty good. The Tigers are a team I very much enjoy watching, that is, unless they are making a big comeback against Tech. While the good old N&O will campaign fervently to name Ol’ Roy of their beloved Tar Heels as permanent Coach of the Year, Oliver Purnell certainly deserves it this year, at least so far. Clem’s annual February Fade is a bit late this year.

Enough about the top and middle of the ACC. The big fun is at the bottom. Ah, yes, the Hoos. AD Craig ‘Tubby, what do you do when your fan base turns against you? Oh. Never mind’ Littlepage is not having the best of years. That ‘I Feel Your Pain’ e-mail to what’s left of the Hoo fan base was a side-splitter. ‘This ain’t my fault,’ ‘We win in all sports but two,’  ‘algroh will be outta here soon enough,’ and ‘BTW, could you please send me more money’ were gems that should be engraved atop the Rotunda. Pointing out that the Hoo polo and squash teams were first rate should certainly ease the pain of those laying out big bucks for John and Smithsonian tickets.

Fallback Dave certainly took Craig’s ‘This is unacceptable’ part to heart. Since Littlepage’s communication, the Hoo basketball team immediately quit losing by 20 and began losing by 15. Now that is progress! Obviously the copy Craig sent to Fallback Dave read ‘We expect to win not lose so badly.’ Keep up the good work, Fallback Dave.

I could go on for another thousand words about the madcap antics of those zany Hoos, but this is probably enough for now, especially considering that I am still trying to figure out Word Press. Besides, this is the eve of Alderson’s Birthday. I will need my rest for all of those exciting celebrations I am sure are planned. See you soon.


  1. Dr. I. — February 12, 2009 #

    Aw… So peaceful… What can be said? …Hard work deserves hard sleep.


  2. John — February 12, 2009 #

    I like it. Very classy look, Jim. Can we still quaff beer at the tailgate now, or is it canapes and champagne?

    Seriously, nice job!


  3. Jim — February 13, 2009 #

    I could sure go for some zakuski. Beluga caviar, smoked eel, herring, maybe some pickled mushrooms, all washed down with peppered vodka would hit the spot. When is the next Tailgate, anyway?


    Dr. I. Reply:

    LOL, Jim. That makes me feel like I am on the banks of Lake Baikal. I close my eyes and see bearded men, painstakingly trying to tailgate in a subzero windchill? Wait a minute… This is not duke 2008 pregame, is it?


    Senior Hokie Reply:

    Zakuski might work with some slight adjustments. “WT 101” instead of the peppered vodka. Pickled mushrooms are fine but fish eggs, eels, and herring need adjusting. As you should recall, Senior Hokie “don’t eat bait”. Next tailgate not till Spring Game unless.


    Jim Reply:

    I guess this means you didn’t fix this for Valentines’ dinner for Mrs. Senior Hokie.

    Squid and Leeks in Red Wine
    from Richard Olney’s Simple French Food


    The white and pale green parts of 2 pounds of leeks, cut into 2-inch lengths
    **[NOTE: Leeks can be very, very dirty on the inside so do what I did: slice the leeks vertically, exposing their innards, and wash each layer carefully under running cold water. You’ll be surprised at how much dirt spills out. If you don’t do this, it may very well ruin your dish.]
    1/4 cup olive oil
    2 pounds squid, cleaned, hoods cut into 1/2-inch widths
    2 tablespoons flour
    Pinch cayenne
    1 teaspoon crumbled dry herbs (thyme, oregano….)
    1 bay leaf
    About 8 peeled cloves garlic, sliced paper thin
    About 2 cups red wine
    About 1 cup water (2 parts wine to 1 part water in quantity sufficient to cover)
    Butter-crisp croutons [make your own or buy crostini and smash ’em; don’t buy seasoned croutons like you’d find on a salad bar]
    Chopped parsley


    Senior Hokie Reply:

    Valentine’s Day. Damn did I miss it again.


  4. hokieg — February 13, 2009 #

    Looks great. The look of your site now matches the quality of your content. Will look forward to your RSS feeds!



  5. Paul (wearer of the Horny hat) — February 16, 2009 #


    Beware of Russinas bearing webdesign gifts. I’m thinking Ivan left a backdoor so that he can manipulate his football game picks this fall. You might want to print a hard copy BEFORE the games are played!


    Jim Reply:

    Given where he always finishes in the Experts standings, I’m not sure it would do any good.


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