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A-Line Extra: Woody Has an Idea

Paul Woody, esteemed sports columnist for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, has come up with a terrific idea. In a piece of investigative brilliance that rivals Woodward and Berstein’s Watergate coverage, Woody has exposed to all the world, or at least the dwindling number of people still reading the rapidly-downsizing T-D, that the Hoos don’t have a basketball coach. Hoo knew?

As befits a crack columnist at the very top of his profession, Woody also proposes a solution to this unpleasant state of affairs. In a column certain to garner great numbers of awards from the Virginia Press Association, Woody claims that Hoo AD Craig ‘Tubby, I’ve sent you a link’ Littlepage should hire Tubby Smith. What a concept!

Since Woody assumed that most T-D readers were unaware, he pointed out that Tubby has won a few basketball games over the years, a feat that has proved tricky if not downright impossible for all recent Hoo coaches. Woody also produced another previously-unknown bit of information, that the weather in Hooville is a bit warmer than that in Minnesota. That is certainly the case around Hoo athletics, where seats are generally stiflingly-hot.

When asked to comment on Woody’s suggestion, Littlepage exclaimed, “Hire Tubby? Now there’s a thought. Why didn’t I think of that?”

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