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A-Line Extra: Fallback Dave Leitaoed

Hoo Athletic Director Craig ‘Tubby, you still out there?’ Littlepage announced that basketball coach Fallback Dave had been run out of town on a rail resigned, effective just as soon as security could get him off the Grounds immediately.

In announcing the leitaoing of Fallback Dave, Littlepage said, “[Fallback Dave] has been a lousy coach respected colleague…, adding, “He brought a great deal of incompetence leadership, discipline, integrity and a bunch of losses to coaching responsibilities.”

Littlepage said that a ‘national search’ for somebody that will take the job a new coach will get underway immediately. “We expect to attract another group of losers a strong pool of candidates interested in ending their career becomming a part of our Hoo community. Our intention is to hire anybody we can get the very best person to lead our basketball program.

Fallback Dave will receive $2.1 million from the Carl Smith Losing Coach Buy-out Fund.

When informed that Fallback Dave had been leitaoed, algroh exclaimed, “Damn! He beat Tech and they still leitaoed him? Uh-oh.”


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