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Facing the Zone

08wku27The Virginia Tech Spring Game is now all that stands between us and another dreary Dead Zone. It will be a long four months.

The social event that is the Tech Spring Game will mark the end of the 2008-09 sports year. It began with a bonus game trip to South Carolina to watch NC State kick off the season against the Cocks a couple of days before Tech and the East Carolina Strawgraspers teed it up in Charlotte. It will end eight months later with my mooching food for one last time from the Clubhouse Tailgate. Clota and Larry probably welcome the four-month Dead Zone break, but not me.

As is generally the case this time of year, thoughts turn to exactly how to spend the time that had been consumed by attending, traveling to and watching all of the sports to which so much of the year is devoted. Baseball continues to be a tricky proposition, as my local cable provider Comcast, in what seems to be a dedicated effort at drumming up business for Direct TV, still does not carry the local teams. It is perhaps just as well.

natinalsOf those two teams, the Baltimore Orioles stink and have for years. As for the other, the Washington Nationals, well…. For decades the Washington Senators existed as the joke of baseball. Then came the creation of the Nationals; the old Senators were the 1927 Yankees in comparison. If a team can’t even get the spelling right on their uniforms, winning a few games would seem utterly beyond their capabilities.  So much for the Natinals.

Unimpressed with yet another summer of the constant diet by ESPN and Fox of the Yankees and Red Sox, thoughts return to how to spend Dead Zone time. I may have found an answer.

The search for Dead Zone activities coupled with my strong desire to always be in the vanguard of Internet developments has led me to Facebook. Only a few million people have beaten me to it. Okay, so maybe I wasn’t exactly in the van.

07fsu14My first action upon setting up my Facebook account was to search for those attractive young ladies who comprise the Internet-renowned Girls of the Clubhouse Tailgate and send them invitations to become friends. A fairly large number of them inadvertently confirmed my requests before realizing with whom they were dealing. I then spent much time combing through their pictures to see if they had posted any naked ones of themselves. Alas, the answer was no, not the first one and I checked them all. Facebook quickly lost a lot of its appeal.

sadDespite this bitter disappointment, I will likely continue on with Facebook. The deity is aware that I am in need of a reason to waste spend even more hours and hours on the Internet. Who knows, in a few years I might also check out that other start-up I am starting to hear about, Twitter. Yep, I stay on the cutting edge.

The sports news tends to be a little light during the Dead Zone, confirmed by a quick glance at the headlines. My interest and eye was caught by one reading, ‘President Honors Navy Team,’ but it turned out that Obama was celebrating the Middies’ football team managing to win more than they lost rather than that outstanding score rung up by the Navy Seals in the head shot competition. Those pirates might be advised to dumb down their schedule a bit and discontinue the series with the US Navy.

huggins0823The headline blaring ‘Ole Miss Coach Avoids Jail Time’ was click-worthy. It’s not just the players anymore. I doubt the Rebels will be scheduling any OOC basketball games with Cincinnati any time soon. There does seem to be something in the Cincy water that causes coaches around town to end up in courtrooms, likely a lot of Scotch.

On the local front, Doug Doughty of the Roanoke Times asked algroh a few questions. Having to spend the next five hours listening to the Great NFL Legend blabber on likely caused Doughty to want to run to the nearest Cincinnati bar. Especially amusing was Doughty asking algroh about the return to Hooville of leitaoed Kansas State coach Ron Prince. Naturally, algroh turned the question to his favorite subject, himself, pointing out that he was a head coach at Wake Forest before getting the Fallback Dave treament, then spending the next thirteen years as an assistant. Most coaches do it the other way around, being the assistant first, but not our algroh. There do seem to be a lot of coaches on the Hoo staff with experience at being fired. It might serve them well down the road.

Next week does indeed kick off the Dead Zone. Until then, there is Saturday’s season-ending Spring Game bash. The football won’t be much to see but it should make for a very good tailgate. I will see you there unless I do not.

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