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Say It With Flowers


I have often stated that my absolute favorite message boards are those devoted to the East Carolina Strawgraspers. They are flat loaded with the looniest of loons. For the sheer volume of nut cases that regularly post and the breathtaking stupidity contained in them, they can’t be beat.

The Strawgraspers now enter their 20th consecutive year of waiting for that imminent invitation to join the Li’l E that never seems to show up. After two decades of rejection after rejection one would think they would have gotten the message, but not the Strawgraspers. They continue to grasp at any straw the board’s collective wisdom can come up with that might gain them admittance to the conference all existing members are so desperate to leave.

The Strawgraspers have now out-done even themselves. What AD wouldn’t, upon receiving a nice floral arrangement, immediately demand that his president vote to issue that long-coveted invitation? Nothing says ‘Please, please, let me in’ like flowers.

This is why we call them Strawgraspers.

Pretty please?


  1. Ted Kaczynski — May 26, 2009 #

    …if I were to mail anything to the Lil’E office, it would be something hand-made.


  2. Atlee — May 27, 2009 #

    Of course we at Tech waited for near 50 years before Little Johnny Swofford came calling.

    They can dream. Of course they have even longer odds of getting in the Little East than Tech did of getting in the ACC.


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