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A- Line Extra: Hoos Lose 06/18/09

The Hoos reacted to a Tech Internet columnist publicly proclaiming his support by losing to Arkansas in the College World Series.

The announcement by a Tech fan that he was a closet supporter of Hoo baseball had something other than a positive effect on the Hoo team, as a blown late-game lead, a flurry of fielding errors, base-running blunders and a total lack of clutch hitting eliminated Mr. Jefferson’s diamond boys from the CWS.

Hoo baseball coach Brian O’Connor blamed that columnist for the loss. “I had read the team that column prior to the game,” said O’Connor, adding, “in retrospect, it was a mistake. It cost us the game. There were many instances of the team thinking about a Hokie rooting for them affecting their play. A routine grounder to third sailing between the legs of our fielder, guys on base not advancing in critical situations, hitters with runners in scoring position, in each instance all our players could think about was that Tech guy pulling for them. You saw what happened.”

Immediately following the game, Hoo AD Craig ‘Tubby, those Hokies are nothing but trouble’ Littlepage announced a ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy in regard to Hokies rooting for Hoos. “We won’t ask hoo they’re rooting for,” said Littlepage, adding, “Please, please, don’t tell us.”


  1. Michael Weaver — June 18, 2009 #

    Although I’m primarily rooting for the boys in blue, I admit this Hokie was also backing the Jeffersons. I convinced myself that it was my duty to cheer for the ACC teams. But the truth is, I couldn’t have done it for Clemson. So, I’ll take the blame for last night’s loss. I went to bed in the top of the ninth.


  2. Chip — June 18, 2009 #


    That and the fact that “little Jimmy,” ACC Commish (per XM radio interview around noon while on the way home up I81), had an older brother that played football for dook and sang the hit songs “Jean” (no. 2 on the RR charts & some other terrible ballad) was know as Oliver. So the NC legislature at 1:00 this afternoon declared an Oliver day in N. Wilksboro. Let the NC festivus begin.

    Does not take much to make the drive interesting – helps keep me from wanting to blow up all 18 wheelers weaving in and out of the left lane.



    Greg Reply:


    I would reply that your opinion of Oliver’s two balads “Jean” and “Good Morning Starshine” are only that – your opinion. I happened to love those songs as a teen during that era.


    Jim Reply:

    I remember those from my high school days as well. You have given me new ideas for my late Friday night wanderings around You Tube that result in some rather eclectic Facebook postings.


  3. Weauxfing Gods — June 18, 2009 #

    LOL! Lets see if your little stint going to screw both ACC teams. oooops.


    Jim Reply:

    I got ’em both. You would think I would know better than to trifle with the Weauxf Gods. Oh sh*#, now I have BobLee mad at me.


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