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Fearless Predictions 08/26/09

With the kickoff of another football season a fortnight away, the time seems apt to take a stab at predicting the ACC’s 09 season. Parity ruled the conference last year and nothing much seems to have changed.

While there still don’t seem to be any really great teams with Duke showing signs of life, there doesn’t look to be any really bad ones, either. The league is improving pretty much across the board. The ACC is gradually becoming a pretty good football conference. Too bad ESECPN has already voted with their $$$.

As Little Johnny attempts to convince QVC or Lifetime that Florida State and the Canes will dominate ACC football THIS TIME around, we present the 2009 ACC Football Predictions. These guesses were made using techniques such as careful study and analysis of coaches, roasters and schedules, liberal use of darts and taking special care not to offend the Weauxf Gods. As always, all predictions are guaranteed to be correct unless they are not.

Atlantic Division

fathertime1-6] Florida State- With Father Time and the NCAA peering over his shoulder, Bobby is still striving for one last Really Big Year. The Noles return most everybody important from last year and just might deliver it unlessĀ  they do not.

1-6] Clemson- While the history of promoting assistants to the top job is not altogether positive, that doesn’t seem to stop AD’s from trying. Dabo Swinney does have a bunch of talent left behind by the most recently- fired Bowden. The Tigers should be strong unless they are not.

1-6] NC State– Tom O’Brien is doing the same thing he did the last time he took over an undisciplined rabble of a football team [BC], gradually making them better. As long as Russell Wilson stays healthy, that should continue this year unless it does not.

1-6] Wake Forest- An improving ACC does not bode well for the Deacs, who have basically maximized their football potential. Still, Riley Skinner and the coaching of Jim Grobe should keep Wake in contention unless it does not.

1-6] Fredo- Frank Spaziani gets to become the latest demonstration of why career assistants are career assistants unless he does not. peter-principle

1-6] Maryland- When your best year was your first, it’s hard to keep the natives enthused. At least they will have a large and loud crowd for the N14 maroon-out game. Friedgen loses games like he loses weight unless he does not.

Coastal Division

1-6] Georgia Tech- ACC DC’s, or at least those still coaching defense, have had a year to study Johnson’s gimmick offense. That usually does not mean good things for gimmick offenses. Still, the Jackets have a lot of horses and look to be the ACC’s best team unless they are not.

bdavis1951-6 North Carolina- It is odd to head into a year without Butch proclaiming his coaching brilliance or the good old N&O not loudly promising this to be the year of the gridiron Heels. That can only mean that Carolina will be pretty good unless they are not.

1-6 Virginia Tech- Tech’s latest Great Expectations year depends totally on Tyrod staying healthy for the entire season. He never has before. The Hokies again disappoint the ‘MNC or Bust’ crowd unless they do not.

1-6 Miami- It’s hard to achieve maximum Backness when your players keep running away. Still, Shannon keeps bringing in tons of talent, although few in soFla seem to care. One of these days, the Canes should be really good unless they are not.

1-6 Hoos- Are Hokies having any luck peddling those W&M and TCU tickets? Two years ago, algroh managed to avoid being Leitaoed even before Fallback Dave. Here we go again, only with an even less expensive buyout. We are going to miss algroh when he is gone. That might still be a ways off, as the Great NFL Legend again dodges the Reaper unless he does not.

1-6 Duke- Coach Cut has accomplished what was thought to be impossible, getting the Devils halfway interested in football. The days of Tech fans simply walking into Wallace Wade dukevsmiami08without bothering to buy a ticket [as this one did in 05] seem to be over. Now comes the hard part, vacating Duke’s traditional bottom ACC spot. Coach Cut actually manages to improve the win total unless he does not.


  1. Greg — August 26, 2009 #

    So Jim,

    If I read your predictions correctly, you pick VT to finish 3rd in the Coastal? Behind GT and UNC? Me thinks you are a bit too pessimistic. I can see VT behind GT, but not both GT and UNC. Never underestimate Butch’s ability to shoot himself in the foot (or both feet) while prowling the sidelines during gametime. I truly believe Beamer has Butchy’s number, much like Bobby has Beamer’s number.


  2. Jim — August 26, 2009 #

    Remember- the Weauxf Gods are always watching.


  3. John — August 26, 2009 #

    Having a bit of trouble with the math. How does everyone end up 1-6?

    OK, we lose all the OOC games?


    Maybe I should go back to drinking caffeinated coffee? This shouldn’t be that hard.


    Jim Reply:

    Or everybody ends up 4-4 in the ACC.

    I hate to recommend heavy doses of caffeine to anybody, but it has always worked for me.


  4. JDanWuff — August 26, 2009 #

    I just want a season with less than 12 starters out of action before the first open weekend.


    Jim Reply:

    What’s the depth behind Irving? He looks to be a pretty substantial loss. The season hasn’t even started and they are already dropping for Tech and the Pack.


  5. jdanwuff — August 26, 2009 #

    There ain’t no replacing Nasty Nate. We have a couple of redshirt freshmen in Terrell Manning and Dwayne Maddox , but Soph Audi Cole is the most likely candidate. He goes 6-5 240, white and not fleet of foot. Steady and smart like a Penn State LB, but no speed at all.
    Nate just has a nose for the ball. Hard to coach that stuff.
    We also lost TE Mario Carter for the year (knee).
    Obie needs another year’s recruiting to get quality depth. We might make noise in 2011, possible 2010. Our two deep is still thin as piss.
    Even our third string QB is a walk on.
    If we catch a break we could get 7-8 wins this year, but our luck has been bad lately.


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