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Oddities 08/18/09

August continues to creep by. As we continue the long and arduous trek through this most miserable of months, that shape off in the distance is starting to come more into focus and beginning to resemble the Georgia Dome. Chances are it’s not a mirage. While we wait the rest of the month out, we notice that there are some odd things developing. And some that are not.

What’s not so odd is the hype that continues to swirl around the Tech team. Well, it is an odd-numbered year. Ever since the Really Big Year back in 1999, every odd-numbered year has found the Tech SID office beating the MNC drums. 2009 is no exception. The season-ending injury to Darren Evans, last year’s main offensive weapon, and at times the only one, hasn’t dampened it one bit. tyrodNeither has the suspicion that this Tech team is one sprained ankle from the injury-prone Tyrod away from being lucky to make the Muffler Bowl in Charlotte. The hype machine didn’t miss a beat.

Things didn’t quite work out in 2001, 03,05 and 07, although Tech got very close two years ago, a Matt Ryan miracle comeback from taking on an Ohio State team that would have likely encountered almost as much trouble with Tech’s overall team speed as they ended up experiencing with LSU’s. Oh, well, maybe the Jamerson hype machine will finally actually be right. If not, just wait until 2011, by cracky.

While the Tech odd-numbered MNC hype was not so odd, the genuine article was on display recently as a New York paper claimed that Li’l E was going to try and poach either Maryland or Fredo from the ACC. That august assemblage of charlatans and crooks to the north seemed to have designs on reaching that optimum number of 17 for the Biggie E basketball side of their ledger. We do recall the last time a New York paper broke the news of possible membership shifts between the ACC and what was still known at the time as the Big East. That ended with Mikey vowing that a loss of members by his league “will never happen on my watch.” What was the warranty on that watch, Mikey?

For their part, reaction from both Maryland and Fredo was predictable.laughter Neither seemed to be chomping at the bit to grab the reduced payouts offered by the conference equivalent of a Hummer hybrid, or all of the Friday night football.

While the idea that any school outside of CUSA would actually want to join the Li’l E seems odd, even stranger was Frank’s recently-enacted ‘No profanity by the coaches’ dictum. WTF? In announcing that coaches using coachspeak would be fined on a sliding scale of 10, 20 or 50 bucks depending, presumably, on the quality of the expletive, Frank claimed on Beamerball ‘I personally don’t like to hear profanity.’ Well, he might not like to hear it, but, given his colorful history of salty sideline language, Frank sure doesn’t mind expressing it.Orange Bowl Football

Ordering coaches not to curse would seem to be somewhat akin to ordering the sun not to rise. It is what they do. Indeed, it didn’t take long for the staff to start coughing up, as Beamberball also claimed that three fines had already been levied, perhaps immediately after the policy was announced. It is not hard to imagine, say, Billy Hite, answering the boss with, “No cursing, Frank? What the h*** is up with this s***? Are you f****** kidding me?” It should be interesting to observe Bud conducting practice in sign language.

Finally, no discussion of football oddities would be complete without taking a look at Hooville. While most Tech Web sites have the obligatory clock counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to the opening game, most Hoo ones are counting down the dollars remaining in algroh’s buyout. He seems to have finally worn out his welcome in Hooville. The Great NFL Legend took over following the last of George’s seven-win seasons in 2000. In 2001, algroh turned in an initial 5-7 record. Eight years later, the powerhouse built by the Grand Chessmaster had improved to a 5-7 record. The natives have not been impressed and the calls for algroh to get the Fallback Dave treatment are growing.

algroh recently spoke about what seems to be his fragile job security. Oddly enough, he claimed not to have given the possibility that this year could be his last on the Grounds a thought, saying, “I don’t address it with me.” While there are some Hoos who think that perhaps algroh spends entirely too much time talking to himself on other issues, algroh won’t have the final decision on algroh. That will rest with Carl and Hoo AD Craig ‘Tubby, I don’t know about you, but I’m pulling for the Frogs’ Littlepage.


  1. Greg — August 18, 2009 #


    We’d better hope we garner that MNC this year. When the Chessmaster leaves the hallowed Grounds after this season, recruiting the state of Virginia may become dicier for Beamer and crew. Any reasonable coach with a personality may well sway recruits to Mr. Jefferson’s school. After all, UVA does have the name behind it, the tradition and aura that is University of Virginia – right or wrong.

    On another front, that image you see in the distance may not be the Georgia Dome. It may be Nick Satan’s halo you are seeing.

    Finally, I guess Frank is now at the age where he is anticipating his own demise one day. Perhaps he is preparing to take that long, dark walk through that lonesome valley that only he can take. Accordingly, he is trying to clean up the legacy he leaves behind, not to mention grease that valley a bit so its easier to traverse. Silly? Perhaps, but WTF other reason could there be????? Stupid if you ask me. Perhaps, as an alternative he could give $250,000 to starving children around the world.


  2. Jim — August 18, 2009 #

    My opinion remains that when Frank jerked the RS off Tyrod in 07, that told us how long he plans to coach. The future is right now. The profanity thing cracks me up. Bud is going to need a big raise.


  3. Sandy O'Seay — August 20, 2009 #

    Not to push the envelope too far, but Bear Bryant had the same “no profanity” policy.” Coaches had to put a dollar in a cigar box if they used profanity at practice. The story is that one day practice wasn’t going so hot, so he stormed down from the tower, walked passed the cigar box, through in a $100 bill and said, “Run me a tab!”


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