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Back and Backless 09/28/09

“The U might be back, but we never left.” – Rashad Carmichael

“They’re a lot better than I thought they were.”- Bobby Bowden

The A-Line Board of Football Experts

So, it turned out the emperor had no Back. After a week in which the national media in general and ESPN in particular set new standards for media irresponsibility in declaring Miami Backer than Back, the Canes finally had the opportunity to actually demonstrate that high level of Backness on the field. So much for Canes’ Backability.

MarkMayInstead of the Canes Backing into what ESPN’s talking heads assured us would be their ultimate destination Back in Pasadena for the MNC game, they were pounded Back into the Lane turf by the guys that actually win ACC football championships and are almost single-handedly keeping this conference from being even more of a joke in football than it already is. That would be Virginia Tech.

The 31-7 smackdown was the worst beating Tech has laid on the Backstreet boys since the last time the Canes arrived in Lane Backed by a fawning media and were beaten 31-7. That would be the 2003 game. One of these years you would think the Disney gang would learn that if they are going to engage in a Canes’ Backfest, they really should wait until after the Tech game. Compared to the ESPN clowns, Disney stablemate Goofy comes across as the level-headed voice of reason.

By the time the 66k Tech fans that jammed Lane [“Weather? What weather?”] were Back at their tailgates peeling off the rain suits and the first ‘Next year’ appeared on Loonsport, Tech found themselves Back not only in their usual position atop the ACC’s Coastal, but right Back where they started the season in the national polls. The Bama loss has been effectively neutralized. Of course, it didn’t hurt that teams ranked above the Hokies spent the weekend dropping games like Canes’ receivers dropped Harris passes. Although Tech seemed to be overlooked as ESPN quickly relegated the Canes to the Back page of coverage and frantically searched for another team to hype into the ozone this week, the ACC’s natural order has been restored, at least for a while.

A good chunk of that natural order is the ACC being a pretty bad football league. NC State did manage to salvage a little conference dignity by rallying to knock off Pitt. 11/21 just might train-wreckhave a very interesting game in the overall scheme of things. Losing 2 of 3 to the Li’l E is not a positive development under any circumstances, much less those involving a seemingly-senile Bobby Bowden wandering towards the end of his storied career and Ralph Friedgen demonstrating that algroh isn’t the only ACC coach hired in 2001 hoo has run a program straight into the ground. Who loses to the Dorks by 21, at home, no less? Stiney’s Saturday offense did look a little better than did that of the Fridge.

By the time the waterlogged mud had settled on a weekend that included Butch doing what he often does, butching up a game [you knew it was coming eventually], half of the ACC’s ranked teams had been bounced out of the polls. That Georgia Tech had shoehorned its way Back in will do little to stem the scorn and ridicule that will be heaped onto the league for its demonstrated lack of  Backable teams. Well, except for one and Tech is pretty much through playing Top 10 teams until maybe January, although it is still way to early to engage in speculation about whether the Hokies will end up Back in the Orange bowl.

It took some doing that included a miracle finish, but Tech has emerged from its September scheduling gauntlet 3-1 and Back atop the ACC. Things will get a little easier schedule-wise, although the inevitable team letdown does make the Duke game a bit worrisome. Despite the media’s Back-induced delirium, Tech upsetting the Canes for the 10th time in last 15 meetings means that the road to the ACC championship still goes through Blacksburg. There will still be plenty of opportunities for the rest of the league to take the title that has been residing in Merryman for a few years now, but the rest of the league will have to earn it on the field, not through premature Backulation.


  1. Greg — September 28, 2009 #


    When will those EsecPN idiots ever learn?!?! Were they not employed by the distinguished sports media outlet in 2003 when Uncle Fester and his minions, then ranked #3 earned a good ole Lane smackdown? And were they not employed by that same distinguised sports media outlet in 2004 when the cousins invaded Lane, ranked, I believe No. 6 and earned their beatdown?!?!

    Then let us fast forward to fall 2009. Did not the VT Hokies lose by only 10 points to a team that was then ranked 2 notches above them and still looks like a NC team and is now ranked No. 3? And weren’t those same Hokies 2-1 heading into Saturday’s game, having beaten a darn good and storied Nebraska team? Miracle? Ahem, haven’t the domers miraculously escaped being 0-4 by miracles in their favor in 3 games this year? Yet those same domers are still fawned over as being “back, backer and backest”.

    Evaluating the entire volume of work, especially considering VT’s penchant for demolishing higher ranked teams when the Hokies have been completely ignored, forgotten, dismissed and disrespected, would leave any sane and rational sportscaster to at least give creedence to the potential of the Hokies to do damage. But, oh no!!! Herbstreidt, Fowler, May, Palmer, Holtz and the entire kingdom of EsecPN minions totally, completely and unashamedly dismissed the Hokies.

    Who’s face is coated with egg now. Who’s eating large plates of crow now? And even after the convincing beatdown, those minions are still chosing to ignore VT. Notice the coverage after Saturday’s events? It’s still about USC and Ohio State postioning themselves. Yet VT is ranked ahead of them. Is not VT positioning itself? What gives? It really pisses me off (in case you haven’t detected that from my writings).

    Keep winning Hokies. Don’t let up. Don’t falter. Win convincingly. Only then will you receive that which you are entitled to from the “leader in sports”.


    Jim Reply:

    Aw, come on, Greg. Tell us how you really feel.


    JDanWuff Reply:

    I don’t think the boobs at ESPNot are smart enough to realize how stupid they look. They are simply desperate to boost their ratings and will back any horse that might help them in that matter. The Saturday day marquee game was Tech-Miami. The Saturday night game was Iowa-Penn State…… freaking IOWA??? Who, outside of Happy Valley and Iowa City (where?), thought that game was a marquee game?

    If Tech finishes 11-1 and beats the New England Patriots in the Orange Bowl, the media will say “How nice, but did you see the Notre Dame – SMU donnybrook in the Annual Walnut Muffler Bearing Bowl in Frog Hollow, AK?”

    Now that you guys are in the ACC, get used to being snubbed in all sports EXCEPT basketball. Girls play basketball………………………………


  2. JDanWuff — September 28, 2009 #

    The unabashed over-hype of Miami certainly fell flat in the mud, but no one ESP-Not had clairvoyance enough to see how ghostly thin Miami’s Back actually was. The ACC has a magical, even mystical, ability to transmogrify good into bland. Dean did it to basketball with his 4 corners. Little Johnny has done it to football. FSU was a good, if loaded with thugs and knuckledraggers, football school until they joined the ACC. Slowly but surely they have become a team of suspect ability.
    Miami, BC, and Va Tech have been eroded by the ACC curse as surely as school busing and federal intervention has doomed the public education system. Fortunately, Tech has decided not to go down without a fight.
    Each year, I think the conference will get better, but the Hokies are the only team that consistently looks like a football team.
    Saturday night at Carter-Finley was “Welcome back, Chuck” night. 12 freaking penalties, many occurring on offense before the ball was even snapped. TOB was right, bad coaching and a not very good team.
    We’ll see what he does with Wake Forest. Good luck at Dook, but you probably won’t need it.


    Jim Reply:

    A win is a win is a win and the Pack won. I doubt Chuckie beats Pitt. TOB is moving things in the right direction.


  3. Greg — September 28, 2009 #

    You wanna look at overhype and decay, check out the Big 11. Really, they are not much better (if any) than the ACC. Ohio State has been buckling in the big ones for the past several years. Michigan!! What a joke – led by RichRod. Penn State? Yeah right – like so many ACC contemporaries, JoPa seems to figure out how to lose to the noname each year. The rest of the league is just a bunch of also rans.

    So, I guess my point is that the Big 11 is still coasting along from the glory years, but of late, the results don’t support the hype. I wonder why nobody condemns them like they condemn the ACC?


    JDanWuff Reply:

    The ACC is trying to get respectability in football. The Big Ten (11) has had some success in the past. The PAC 10 or whatever they’re called this week is the same way. For you guys, it’s guilt by association. The conference is the darling of the basketball world with UNC and it’s Messiah and an annually highly overrated Dook program led by the Son of Satan.
    Until FSU, Miami, Clemson, the lesser Tech, BC, UNC-CH, or State does something to help Va Tech on the national scene, the conference will be a one hit wonder in the manner of FSU in the ’90’s.
    You guys are holding up your end of the deal, the rest of the conference ain’t.


  4. Greg — September 28, 2009 #

    Can’t argue with you on that one. For certain, past glory accomplished allows an rose-colored view, regardless of actual, current situation.

    Like you, I would dearly love to see the rest of the ACC hold up its end in football. Which is why I always cheer for every ACC team, save one (read wally wahoo) whenever they play OOC teams. I will be sooooooo hoping the Canes plaster the Sooners this weekend.


  5. Guy LeDouche — September 28, 2009 #

    Gimme some popcorn! I am gonna watch the games and the not the ES(ec)PN clowns. BTW, Mark May ruins his football IQ with his mouth.


    IQ Reply:

    He can’t ruin what he doesn’t have.


    Atlee Reply:

    You are assuming something not in evidence. Mark May Football IQ is an oxymoron.


  6. Michael Weaver — September 28, 2009 #

    Premature backulation! I just wanted to see if it was as fun to write as it was to read.


  7. Greg — September 29, 2009 #

    That comment should be copywrited, Jim!!! I sense it will be needed year after year as the “experts” predict the backness of certain teams, most notably UM, F$U and ND.

    Love it very much!! Premature backulation.


  8. John Keating — September 30, 2009 #

    A classic: “premature backulation.” I come from witty stock, but that’s over the top good.


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