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Bad Atlanta Again 10/20/09

The A-Line Board of Football Experts

Maybe it is the city. Virginia Tech last Saturday night dropped its second football games in as many tries in that megalopolis to the south. On the brighter side, the Hokies do remain 5-0 in games played in the rest of North America and beyond. Unfortunately, there are no provisions in the NCAA rules that allow national championship contenders to disregard and strike from their record games played in Atlanta.

AtlantaNightUnder their Sports category, the Web site 50 Fun Things to Do in Atlanta makes no mention of Georgia Tech football. The site is obviously being pitched to fans of the ‘other’ Tech, the one from Virginia. Sitting in the blustery cold of Dodd Stadium last weekend watching Bud’s defense chase after Jacket ball carriers will certainly not make my personal highlight reel. Compared to the game, being told Sunday morning at the hotel that the keys to the rental that had ferried us down were some how or another 1.34 miles away [according to Google Pedometer] at the Clubhouse Tailgate was the high point of the trip.

What had seemed obvious after the Alabama game, that this Virginia Tech team was most definitely not an MNC contender, has now been confirmed. In fact, given the strange goings-on in the ACC’s Coastal Division, returning to what some Hokies consider a birthright,  the league’s championship game and winning it is now dicey at best. While the possibility does exist that this Tech team is indeed the best in the country when not playing in Atlanta, it is difficult to discount what seems to be fact, that the team ain’t good enough, period.

For all of the in-state media’s MNC blather, Tech is now residing in the polls about where they looked to belong after the Bama game, around 15th in the country. Were they in the ACC’s Lousy Atlantic Division [LAD], they would seem a shoe-in for Tampa. Unfortunately, the Hokies are in the Coastal, where, after 7 weeks and games, only Butch’s boyz are effectively eliminated [although, if Butch is going to best at least one of the guys on that ever-lengthening list of Coaches He Can’t Beat, Thursday night would seem the time]. Even [gasp] Duke can make at least a mathematical case for end-of-season divisional supremacy. There do seem to be reasons why the games are played on the field rather than in the Sports departments of the Roanoke and Richmond and Norfolk and Newport News  papers.

At the moment, at least, the top spot in the Coastal belongs to the Hoos. When the calendar pages flip to October, algroh throws it into gear. With the schedule toughie of William and B43649817Mary and that rugged trip to Directional Miss out of the way, games at Carolina and Maryland have proven to be somewhat easier nuts to crack. The Great NFL Legend’s annual drive to Hang on to My Job will be complicated a bit with games remaining against all of the ACC’s so-called powers, starting this weekend. But, for at least a couple of weeks, we will have the comical situation of Hoos attempting to buy Smithsonian tickets from Hokies to the annual season-ending blockbuster.

Pie in FaceIf the Coastal standings look a lot like the Canes are rounding into shape nicely for the ACC’s move of the championship game out of Florida and into Charlotte, the hilarity provided by abbottthe LAD defines slapstick. The ACC’s answer to a vintage Mack Sennett show has managed to produce standings in almost the inverse order of pre-season predictions. Even the Marx Brothers never thought of staging a Hoo-Fredo championship game. But, then again, the Marx brothers never had the material being provided in Tallahassee to work with, either. If Abbott and Costello were still around, an FSU-based production of Who’s on Coach would provide thigh-slapping amusement to a generation of new followers. How far down the ACC’s tiebreaker list do you have to go to find the divisional winner determined by the coaches flinging pies at each other’s faces?

School Conference Pct. Overall Pct.
Boston College 3-2 .600 5-2 .714
Wake Forest 2-2 .500 4-3 .571
Clemson 2-2 .500 3-3 .500
Maryland 1-2 .333 2-5 .286
NC State 0-3 .000 3-4 .429
Florida State 0-3 .000 2-4 .333

Of course, while Tech fans might find solace in realizing that things could be a lot worse and are, as glancing at the LAD will attest, Tech isn’t in that division. Little Johnny Swofford might be trying hard, but it is doubtful that a divisional shift could be attained between now and the end of the season. While figuring out how to get Tech and Miami into opposite divisions might seem like Job #1 to the ACC, especially with the ACCCG moving to Charlotte next year and the Cane loons continuing to claim that the only thing standing between their heroes and Total Backness is the meteorological phenomena of rain in a football stadium only falling on one team, it won’t happen this year.  Neither will the oft-stated goal of an ACC team contending for the MNC. Tech having games continually being staged in Atlanta has taken care of that.


  1. BobLeeb — October 20, 2009 #

    Only former Falcons HC Norb Hecker lost more games in Atlanta than Frank.

    After confounding Def Coor geniuses Mickey Andrews and “Bud”, Paul Johnson has only former GaTech DC Smilin’ Jon Tenuta left on his list of Great Defessive Coord to publicly embarrass with his “goofy high school offense that will never work in Big Time College football”.

    Is this the same “Paul Johnson” that both UNC and NCSU passed over for their current “program saviours”? I do believe it is!


  2. jdanwuff — October 20, 2009 #

    Fortunately, my Wuffies don’t have to get whacked by the Bees this year. The shine is coming off the TOB penny with the loons, but who really cares what that collection of idiots think. PJ is doing a pretty good job at GaT. TOB is going to need his full 5 before I’d get an axe after him. Chuckie left players but not much smarts.
    If we’re losing to Duke by 21 in 2010, they won’t have to fire Tom………………………..


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