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A-Line Extra: Hoos Go To London 12/06/09

Various media sources have reported that the Hoos have hired Richmond coach and former algroh assistant Mike London for the enviable job of trying to rebuild the mess left behind by the Great NFL Legend Poetry Reader.

The Hoos acted quickly to lock up London, merely hours after UR’s season ended in a loss to Appalachian State in the I-AA playoffs. London, while most recently known for winning with Dave Clawson’s players at Richmond unless he did not [Edwards scores!], is best known for his association with algroh, twice having served as an assistant to the Grand Chess Poetry Master, responsible for recruiting many of the players who have lost 10 out of the last 11 to Virginia Tech.

Hoo AD Craig ‘Tubby, Sunday is the day I devote to football’ Littlepage, when asked about London, remarked, “It’s a great city! They play cricket there. Our cricket team will now join all of the other ones that win and nobody cares about.” When informed that London would be the Hoo football coach, not the cricket one, Littlepage responded, “Huh? Are you sure about that? Darn it, it’s hard being an AD.”

Littlepage professed unconcern about firing algroh and then hiring one of his assistants, saying, “Hey, he will work cheap,” adding, “That’s important when you consider how many ex-coaches we are paying around here.”

Littlepage concluded by saying that a press conference to introduce London would be held Monday at 1 pm, although he “wasn’t sure whether that is London or American time. You’ll have to ask Carl about that. Are you sure London is the football coach?”

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