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A-Line Extra: GT Gets A Deal

Roanoke Times sportswriter and noted algroh-lover Doug Doughty recently pointed out that Georgia Tech didn’t seem to be paying a lot for its new Defensive Coordinator.

Following an exhausting investigative report that involved reading the Atlanta paper, the intrepid Doughty read that that the Jackets would be paying algroh, recently algrohed as Hoo football coach, $150,000 per year. While that might seemĀ  alot of money to most people, especially for somebody who wrecked the Hoo program, Doughty pointed out that the monies to be paid the Great NFL Legend were close to a third of those paid Virginia Tech Defensive Coordinator Bud Foster, less than half that going to new Hoo DC Jim Reid and much less than algrohed former GT DC Dave Wommack.

While it can certainly be argued that algroh is being paid more than he is worth, or that Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson is getting the jump on the budget reductions that will afflict all ACC schools following the signing of the new football television contract, Doughty pointed out that the bargain-basement rate for algroh was due in large part to the Hoos continuing to pay him the difference between his current salary and the $2 mil owed this year by the Hoos.Thanks to the Hoos, algroh will be the highest-paid defensive assistant in all of college football.

Hoo AD Craig ‘Tubby, I sure pay a lot of guys not to coach here’ Littlepage claimed that he was ‘aware’ of the news story and the fact that he was paying both algroh and Fallback Dave more to not coach the Hoos than he was paying Mike London and Tony Bennett to actually coach was being ‘reviewed.’ “If there’s a loophole to be found that will get us out from under that clown’s salary, I’ll find it,” vowed Littlepage.

Georgia Tech AD Dan Radakovich stated that it was his policy to not talk about such things, especially when it involved sticking it to a fellow conference member.

algroh refused comment other than to say, “Hey, I’m on a staff that beat Beamer last year. Who in Hooville can say that?”


  1. Greg — February 12, 2010 #

    All I can say is that those two %*@#heads (you fill in the blank) deserve each other. Johnson & Groh, what a pair!!!!


  2. JDanWuff — February 12, 2010 #

    Well, PJ did get our linebacker coach. I don’t know if Andy will be able to work with someone as stupid as algroh. TOB may be getting ready to move Archer away from DC by bringing Jon Tenuta on the staff. Who knows.


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