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A-Line Extra: Just Like Football

Much had been made of the ‘Just like football’ chants made by Tech fans following the Hokies’ basketball defeat of the Hoos in the John.  The greatest effect seemed to be on the Hoo players themselves.

Attempting to show solidarity with their football brethren and perhaps inspired by algrohed coach algroh stopping by Hooville long enough to drop off the Atlanta moving bill to AD Craig ‘Tubby, just as soon as the snow melts it will FINALLY be baseball season’ Littlepage, the Hoos lost their fourth straight game, 50-69, to Florida State in the John.

Also paying homage to algrohed basketball coach Fallback Dave who, unlike the Great NFL Legend, has been content to sit on his butt in Hooville and do nothing but show up to collect paychecks, the Hoos dedicated the game to their former coach. “If Fallback Dave can get paid for doing nothing, why should we show up?” explained Hoo non-star Sylven Landesberg about his 4-point lack of effort that included a remarkable impression of the former Hoo coach sitting on the bench for long stretches of the game staring off into space. Landesberg added, “Then there’s the football thing. We certainly didn’t want them to think they were the only bunch of losers around here.”

Being routed at home seems to be becoming as old hat for these Hoos as it has been for the football teams fielded by algroh and the basketball teams of Fallback Dave, Petey and Jeff Jones. The something other than impressive performance was not lost on the handful of Hoo fans who actually went to the John. Hoo fans started their own version of the ‘Just like football’ chant by acting exactly as those in the Smithsonian, spending the early part of the Second Half lustily booing their team before engaging in that tried and true Hoo ritual of leaving early.

Hoo message board loons reacted angrily to the booing of the Hoos’ latest bad loss. Consensus was that Hoo teams should never be booed, no matter how badly or often they stink up the joint, with the most emphatic loons claiming, “We are all Hoos. If they are losers, then we are losers, too.”

Littlepage defended his team and fans, saying, “Well it’s not like we aren’t used to losing badly at home and at least the fans made some noise.  And how about that swimming team, huh? Hoo says I’m a bad AD?”

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  1. HooLuvr — February 18, 2010 #

    No, Jim.

    It is not all that bad. To u it may seam that the ski is fallen. Yeah, we shoved some physical disadvantage on some games. Its a yang team and what really hurts us of course some missing open shots. I have confidence that Toni Beni will get us over this getting dejected and loosing confidence. Also, the referes has an agenda against us. Any one with an shred of basketball IQ know that. Poor and simple, cause we have higher academics that than any one in the this leage. Hey and you now what , just wait tile your chokies loose on Sunday to dook. Ya’ll be jumping of ya’ll Goonberg banwagon like cheap rats of the sunken ship. Just watch, u’ll be calling Armageddin and Revilation. Of course, if the referes ain’t gonna give u 50 or more three-frows. You are loosers, I despite you.



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