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Break Time

It has been an interesting couple of weeks. And that doesn’t even count my pitiful brackets.

I have been doing this sort of thing for 15 years now, in a variety of formats and hosts. I have enjoyed the hell out of it. I discovered some time back that when you express your opinions, there will be people that disagree. Over the years, I have heard from a lot. 95% of those who did, did so in a congenial manner. I found it quite amusing, and enjoyed the banter that went back and forth. Then there is the other 5%.

Disagreement with my opinions doesn’t faze me in the least; everybody is entitled to their opinions and I have had the benefit of quite the forums to express mine. I am aware that there are people who don’t agree, neither with my sports or political thinking. I rather enjoy discussing those disagreements with folks who regard them as disagreements, not as reasons to go to war.

Some of those who took umbrage with what I have written have expressed themselves in amusing ways. There was the Syracuse fan back in 2001 who determined that Tech being chosen over his lovelies for the Gator Bowl constituted the worst outrage ever perpetrated in college sports and was not shy in e-mailing me those feelings.  Then there was the Georgia Tech fan who felt compelled to remind me a number of times that both John Heisman and Bobby Dodd were excellent coaches. Gee, who knew?

The Cousins are in a class by themselves. I bet few reading this have ever had their picture plastered across a WVU message board with my phone number attached. I was surprised at the numbers of Cousins who knew how to operate telephones. The digital age has reached even West Virginia!

I have been cherneyed by the best in the business, including Cherney, who was determined, through e-mail after e-mail after e-mail, that I understood that Hank Thorns was the best point guard ever to grace the Cassell. Since I long ago relegated his e-mails to my kill file, I am not sure how he feels these days.

I have been blasted all across various message boards by people hiding behind anonymous nicks who lacked the testicular fortitude to sign their names to their posts, as I have done for everything I have ever written. Most reading are aware of the contempt I hold for such cowards.

For the most part, these expressions of contention have not bothered me in the slightest. It comes with the territory.

That is changing. Apparently with the times. Disagreement is no longer confined to e-mails, message board posts, or even humorous bar insults. There are those circulating among us who regard any deviation from their strongly-held beliefs as reason to strike back in any way possible. The ‘any way possible’ part seems to not include the more rational forms of communication. As I have discovered.

I am not a fan of NIT Seth Greenberg. That very likely does not come as a surprise to most reading this. I regard him as a fast-talking hustler who has accomplished nothing in his 20-year career as a head basketball coach other than creating expectations he never achieves. That has certainly been his history at Tech, as it was at Long Beach and South Florida. NIT Seth talks big, but never quite delivers. I have been following ACC basketball for a long time and have seen the likes of NIT Seth in the league before. 20 years later, NC State is still trying to get over one.

That is a minority view. NIT Seth has conned his way into a raise based on 3 straight appearances in the secondary tournament that his history teaches is his coaching level.Despite his maintaining the level he hit in his second year,  he is quite popular among Hokies, especially the younger ones who perhaps lack the wisdom [old age] of the long view. Once again, jimmy did not request my input when it came to athletic departmental decisions. So it goes.

What does not go is the methods employed by at least one who disagrees with my assessment of NIT Seth. This gentleman has gone so far as to discover my phone number and call me over and over [16 hours at the moment and counting] relating numerous threats to my person. While I am aware that the loon calling is probably too chicken-shit to actually follow up on his talk [yeah, I’m talking to you, asshole], it gets tiresome. Where does Tech find all of these people?

While there still remains a Final Four and Spring Game between now and the Dead Zone, I am weary. This will be the last quasi-regular post between now and the Boise State game. There may be the occasional musing during the spring and summer, but I am really tired of listening to the phone ring.


  1. Steve Wade — March 27, 2010 #

    Give’em hell Jim!


  2. Greg — March 27, 2010 #

    Rest up quickly, Jim.  Overcome the weariness, for it will be a long 5+ months without your satirical, direct and open humor.

    Just remember, if we tire, if we cease to be ourselves, we’ve let those who vocally and abusively disagree with us ultimately win.  Of course I know you far too well to ever believe you will let anyone overtake you in that arena.

    While I have not always agreed with your viewpoints on all issues, I still find them refreshingly funny.  Perhaps its the humor I find in nearly everything in life.  Humor has kept me positive for nearly 60 years now.  Sadly, some find no humor in life, only opportunities to attack and clash when others disagree with their point of view.  Imagine living with those types on a daily basis!!!  Pity their spouses.  Pity their children.  Pity their neighbors.  Pity their co-workers.  Pity the other teams’ fans at VT games.

    I regularly visit this site for a refreshing outlook and perspective on all matters VT and otherwise.  I anxiously await the new postings.  I periodically respond to the entries as many others do.  I would ask only one thing, please don’t forget the hundreds of us out here who look forward to your musings regularly during your layover.  Should you wake up one morning and discover your weariness has been refreshed, don’t hesitate to jot down some new musings and post them on this site.

    Many of us will be anxiously waiting.  Till then, take care big Jim.


  3. Jason Bishop — March 27, 2010 #

    I don’t agree with you on Greenberg, which I think is mostly because his tenure has been orders of magnitude better than Ricky “What’s a basketball?” Stokes.   But, I have this blog as a regular feature of my tour of the internet and I always enjoy your takes, whether I agree or not.  Don’t let this goober get to you.  Hopefully you’ll find that whatever weariness you feel will be relieved soon and continue to post.


  4. snakeman40 — March 27, 2010 #

    Well, if you hadn’t named a damn losers cup after me,  I wouldn’t keep calling……


  5. JDanWuff — March 27, 2010 #

    College baseball provides me a little respite during the Dead Zone, but not total relief.  Don’t get too relaxed, we always have POLITICS!  If you willing to roll in that mosh pit and cess pool.


  6. John — March 27, 2010 #

    I know exactly where this phone loon comes from, ’cause I get replies from his type every time I post (infrequently) on TSL, home of the message board loons.   Something about having an opinion contrary to the herd really sets off these types.
    As far as Seth, my view is he was exactly what we needed when he came here: a shameless promoter and, as you say, “hustler,” who managed to make our dormant b-ball program almost respectable, a David slaying Goliaths,  and that in the early days of the newly-reformed ACC.  Whodathunkit?  But the past few years, as I see the same technical fundamentals fatally lacking in Seth-coached team after team (no boxing out on defense, no ability to run a half-court offense), I must conclude his usefulness has now been outlived.
    We need a strong “fundamentals” coach, at this point.
    Don’t go away – let us hear from you during the snooze months.  Take care, Jim.


  7. Bon Air Hokie — March 27, 2010 #

    You have the decency to not do this, but it would be tempting to publish certain numbers that show up on caller ID.  heh heh.


  8. BigTimeBBallCoach — March 27, 2010 #

    Hows ’bout couple of my boyz and me come down there and stomp a mudhole in you?  Maybe you’ll like that better than me ringin’ your phone?????


  9. Jay — March 28, 2010 #

    Enjoy your break during “The Dead Zone”.
    I look forward to your next column, as always.


  10. Jim Schillinger — March 30, 2010 #

    Sorry to hear about the trouble Jim.  Aren’t there laws against harrassment like this?  I know you probably don’t want to get that involved, but that isn’t acceptable behavior.

    I will miss your writings, but you deserve a nice long break!


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