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Turkey Time

It certainly was a very interesting Thanksgiving holiday. Four days worth of riding back and forth, up and down Christiansburg Hill between Roanoke and Blacksburg, interspersed with excellent ways of spending my time does make for one.

My Thanksgiving got off to a rousing start. I was invited to take the holiday meal with four- count them, FOUR- attractive young ladies who were also sisters. I have a long history of mooching holiday meals and those who keep track will no doubt join me in claiming this was the best I have ever done. I stuffed myself, as most always on these occasions, once again secure in the knowledge that I had not prepared the first morsel. It was sure worth the bottle of wine.

Equally-enticing was the prospect that one of these attractive young ladies might become my latest sister-in-law, eventually, maybe [she is the one either deep in contemplating that this might mean a strange in-law showing up at the family gatherings or getting a head start on the post-dinner nap]. My brother has done a lot worse in his choices of in-laws and so have I. Thanks to Vicki, Laurie, Tracey and Hallie for putting up with me, especially Laurie for hosting the gala.

After a Friday morning roaming around downtown Blacksburg and an early afternoon spent shivering while watching others set up the Clubhouse Tailgate, the bracing wind and lack of television reception sent me scurrying back down I-81 in search of Auburn-Alabama and more food. Success was achieved in both endeavors, although only partially, as I did find myself paying a restaurant dinner check.

After heading back up the Hill, it was Saturday and time for the Commonwealth Cup to be returned to its customary position in the Merryman Center. There will, without doubt, again come a time when the Hoo game is not circled as a win, the Cup actually makes that unfamiliar journey down Christiansburg Hill [I made it more times in one holiday weekend than the Cup has for the last decade], the Hoos make a game of it and *gasp*actually win against Tech, but it hasn’t happened yet. As was acknowledged by losing coach Mike London, the Hoos have serious work to do to close the gap and make this rivalry game a rivalry game again. The algrohed algroh was the gift that kept on giving, at least for another year. Frank has put miles between these two programs.

While the Hoos were left to ponder the difficulties of getting within 30 points of Tech and the unjustness of an 8-game  conference schedule that left them unable to play Wake Forest and the Canes only once, Tech settled back to discover who will provide opposition this weekend in Charlotte. Who it won’t be seems to have sparked a flurry on ebay. Jumped the gun on buying ACC Championship tickets, eh, Pack?

Tech will meet old friend Florida State this Saturday night in Charlotte. Perhaps with the Noles no longer coached by Frank’s old nemesis Bobby Bowden, results will be a bit different from what they usually were.

Things were quite amusing around the rest of the ACC, other than NC State prompting quick cancellations of Charlotte hotel rooms by managing to lose its way out of a Tech re-match. Who would have guessed that by the early evening hours of Saturday, Butch Davis would still have a job while Randy Shannon didn’t? Shannon became the first ACC coach to be algrohed this year. That ringing endorsement from Donna Shalala sure carried a lot of weight, eh, Randy? Once again we were treated to a Miami AD claiming that South Beach wasn’t all that much of a tough job; all a coach had to do was win every game and the MNC each and every year. Once again, nothing was said about the stadium 30 miles from campus, the lousy facilities, low budget,  or non-existent fan support. Yep, Bill Cowher is on the way, guys and then the Canes will be Back, by cracky.

Back in Blue Heaven, the laughs were long and loud as BoTBob blamed not his coach for the troubles afflicting Tar Heelia, but pointed the finger at the good old N&O for having the audacity to actually print the mess. Yep, when all else fails, shoot the messenger. How did that work out for Henry IV, BoTBob? Let’s see: the trouble at Carolina is the fault of Blake, Jennfier and now the N&O [it is an ever-lengthening list], most everybody except the guy actually in charge of the program. It is hard to imagine a more blatant example of a major university sacrificing all shreds of  integrity to the altar of winning football than the  antics of DickieB, Holden and BoTBob. Does Butch have compromising pictures? Soon to be added to the bunch of arch-villains will be some sports network, as Marv is about to discover that blabbing all on television is quite a bit more lucrative than doing so on Twitter.

While the spinmasters in Chapel Hill gear up for extended overtime and even more ridiculous claims [‘It was Coach K handing out the cash and grades!’], Tech will be a few miles down I-85 looking to add another ACC trophy to the football case. Tech has tried it both ways and winning these games is more fun. Hopefully, that will again be the case. I plan to be in Charlotte to observe, one way or another. Applications are also being accepted from anybody desiring to feed me. But, be advised, my standards have gotten pretty high.


  1. BobLee — November 29, 2010 #

    Desperate ‘Cane fans remind Butch that “The U Way” does not give a hoot about academics, character, bling bling, or much of anything other than LOTS O’ Ws ….. especially over South freakin’ Florida !!!
    Urban and Mack hunkering down for long cold winters.


  2. JDanWuff — November 29, 2010 #

    We choked and got horribly outcoached.  Good luck to VaTech.  I’ll wear my VT cap on Saturday.


  3. Atlee — November 29, 2010 #

    I guess when the Dwarf Dike announced Shannon was her coach, both the press and Shannon failed to hear the rest of the sentence.  “… unless he is not.”


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