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A-Line Extra: Music City Miracle

North Carolina snapped a three-game bowl losing streak by defeating Tennessee in double overtime in the Music City Bowl.

As strange as the Tar Heels actually winning a bowl game was the bizarre manner in which the game’s regulation ended. As the clock ticked down and the Carolina sideline engaged in what long-time Butch-watchers immediately recognized as standard end-of-game antics from Butch-coached teams, players running in all directions, referee Jim Lipzig announced that the game was over.

Butch charged Lipzig and offered a new Rolex, help with that elusive graduate degree, an in on a better-paying NFL officiating job, the opportunity to partner with John Blake on a profitable Greensboro real estate deal and an invitation to party with South Beach babes. After Lipzig inquired as to how attractive were the babes and was shown Twitter pictures by Butch, the referee dashed to mid-field and announced that he was going to pay no more attention to NCAA rules concerning the length of games than Butch did to any of them. Henceforth, college football games would now be sixty minutes and one second.

As Vols fans, outraged over both the strange turn of events and Lipzig’s use of so many multi-syllable words, peppered the field with liquor bottles and false teeth, Carolina kicker Casey Barth hit a tying field goal, sending the game into overtime and an eventual Carolina win.

In a stadium luxury box, a jubilant BoTBob declared, “Wine and cheese for all,” adding, “Who cares about ethics and integrity when you can win a Music City Bowl?”

Asked his reaction following the wild finish, Butch exclaimed, “We won? I didn’t know that.”


  1. BobLee — December 31, 2010 #

    Quirky faux drama that leaves the entire spectrum of board monkeys with aplenty of gristle to chew on.  Was I the only one to notice that simultaneously on a companion ESPN network, they were rerunning “The U” documentary?
    Apparently “Vince Dooley’s son” has a ways to go to change Vol culture.
    WuffNation swears referee bore remarkable likeness to the legendary Jim Knight.
    BOTBob has upped his support of The Pale Rider from 110% to 115%.  Will John Blake be voted a Music Bowl Champions ring and bag of bowl swag?  Was there a Marvin Austin sighting at LP Field? …. What more can we ask of The Music City Bowl?


  2. Jim — December 31, 2010 #

    Are there any more Big 10 refs today? They sure make for interesting finishes.


  3. Will Stewart — December 31, 2010 #

    I LOL’d at that last line, Jim.  It was almost enough to make me RO(t)F as well.


  4. John — December 31, 2010 #

    Short, but intensely sweet, Jim.  You managed to slime both of these over-bloated underachievers.  Loved the line about the Vols pelting the field with liquor bottles and false teeth!


  5. JDanWuff — December 31, 2010 #

    Actually, I thought it was a very exciting game played by totally undisciplined players and coached by two of the most clueless individuals to ever roam the sidelines, including NCSU’s Tom Reed.  One has to wonder how they managed to win 13 games between them.


  6. BobLee — December 31, 2010 #

    Bob Davies DID manage to stop just short of comparing UNC’s tribulations to The Marshall plane crash ….. Thank Gawd!   That he failed to note Derrick Dooley is Bill Dooley’s nephew was a glaringly relevant oversight IMO.  :>)


    Atlee Reply:

    Listening to Bob Davies, one would think Butch Davis should be sainted. 

    If the game had gone to one more overtime and Butch prevailed, I’m sure Davies would have put Sgt Butch’s efforts above those of Marshall after the crash.


  7. Atlee — December 31, 2010 #

    Another good A-Line, albeit short.

    Do we have Big 10 Officials in the Orange?  Not sure if that will be good or bad.


  8. WRAL fan at 10:22pm — December 31, 2010 #

    “5 on your side…”, even WRAL blinked, though it was only electrons, and not a Dewey defeats moment.

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    From: WRAL Sports Fan []
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    Subject: North Carolina falls to Tennessee in Music City Bowl, 20-17

    North Carolina falls to Tennessee in Music City Bowl, 20-17 


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