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Fearless Predictions 2011

We are now about a fortnight away from games being played on the field instead of offices and back rooms at Carolina and Miami. What a concept!

It is also about time for me to make the 2011 version of my Fearless Predictions. There are, of course, a seemingly-limitless supply of predictions floating around cyberspace. They range from the ‘official’ ones from various ACC media to those of most anybody with a Web site. I might as well shine in and demonstrate that mine can be just as incorrect as anybody else’s.

Many newspapers, magazines, Web sites, etc., often make their prediction after a careful analysis of each team’s returning starters, depth charts, perceived strength and weaknesses, quality of schedule, etc. I do none of that.

Here are this year’s picks. As always, these predictions are guaranteed to be correct unless they are not.

Atlantic Division

1] Florida State- Good News: The Noles have a substantial lead over the Canes in the Annual August Backness Sweeptstakes.

Bad News: It is the AUGUST Backness Sweepstakes.

2] NC State- Good News: Tom O’Brien keeps quietly constructing his program without all the drama from across the RTP.

Bad News: The whole ‘Glennon as your QB’ thing didn’t succeed as planned at Tech.

3] Clemson- Good News: Each and every year, the Tigers have a highly-rated recruiting class.

Bad News: Each and every year, those highly-rated recruiting classes accomplish little.

4] Boston College- Good News: The Eagles seem to be getting further away from single-handedly creating a financial disaster of the ACC Championship Game.

Bad News: They still haven’t headed back to the Li’l E.

5] Maryland- Good News: The new uniforms look decent.

Bad News: The murder rate around campus is still astronomical.

6] Wake Forest- Good News: The Deacs have an outstanding tailgating situation and Tech plays there again this year.

Bad News: 2006 keeps getting smaller in the rear view mirror.

Coastal Division

1] Georgia Tech- Good News: Well, since, for fear of offending the Weauxf Gods, I never pick my own Tech to win the division, Who?

Bad News: Johnson is still a jerk and algroh still coaches the defense.

2] Virginia Tech– Good News: With half the Coastal’s teams either on NCAA probation or awaiting it, this division will get easier to win.

Bad News: The Hokies are a couple of strategic injuries away from the Belk [!] bowl.

3] Miami– Good News: A hurricane hasn’t yet taken out the campus.

Bad News: Give the NCAA a little time.

4] North Carolina– Good News: The scandal at Miami makes the one at Carolina seem not quite so bad.

Bad News: Plenty of good seats remain in the brand spanking new Butch Mahal.

5] Virginia- Good News: It is now the second year since the Hoos algrohed algroh.

Bad News: London is still dealing with algroh’s mess.

6] Duke- Good News: The basketball team is undefeated in China.

Bad News: More people are getting up early to watch Coach K’s games on ESPNU than will be watching any of Coach Cut’s.

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  1. techcutter — August 29, 2011 #

    Here’s hoping the A-line experts’ weekly poll returns this year.


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