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Jim is a Virginia Tech alumnus and founding member of the Internet-renowned Clubhouse Tailgate. He has held a variety of jobs in the thirty years since leaving Tech following the last of his senior years. The first was at his alma mater Virginia Tech, where he was given the job of overseeing the transformation of the school from a small one focused on agriculture and engineering to a large, comprehensive state university.

Following the election of Ronald Reagan as President in 1980, Jim entered government service. He became a Special Assistant to President Reagan, given a special assignment in Berlin. Reagan’s only orders had been, “Jim, tear down that wall.” That task concluded, he then moved to the then-Soviet Union with orders from the President to “End the Evil Empire, Jim.”

Following the election of Bill Clinton in 1992, Jim left government service, eventually deciding to try his hand at writing. He created the A-Line e-mail newsletter, his contribution to the vast right-wing conspiracy. He later discovered that writing about sports was much more fun since people tended to take the wins and losses of their team a lot more seriously than they did politics.

He had kept his hand in sports over the years, serving as a consultant to then- Virginia Tech Athletic Director Dave Braine with the task of drawing up a plan to get Tech into a football conference. This experience with conference realignment was to come in handy over a decade later when ACC Commissioner John Swofford turned to Jim to come up with a way to end the impasse that had developed over ACC expansion. Jim has continued to write about sports, most recently as a columnist for and now here. He can be found before and after most Virginia Tech football games hanging out with the gang known as the Clubhouse Tailgate.

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