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In a remarkable bit of timing, the ACC has announced that Notre Dame will join the conference for all sports but football.   The announcement, timed to hit seconds after this page was updated, also includes a provision for the Irish to play 5 games annually against ACC teams. ND will face every ACC team […]
North Carolina football coach Butch Davis expressed ‘surprise’ at the latest investigation of his football program. At a hastily-called press conference also attended by North Carolina Chancellor Holden Thorp and Athletic Director Dick Baddour, it was revealed that the NCAA had uncovered yet another impropriety in the Tar Heels’ scandal-plagued football program. Allegations of academic […]
New Hoo football coach Mike London announced his latest attempt at luring fans into the Smithsonian. London said that he had bought 100 season tickets and would give them away in the ongoing Hoo campaign to get fans to actually show up for games. “Hoo fans have really embraced me during my first seven months […]
Once again, it is time for the annual Hoo Spring Football Festivus. A crowd of tens of tens is expected to pack the first couple of rows in Section 106 of the Smithsonian to witness the New and Improved Different Hoos of first-year coach Mike London. The latest Hoo coach said that since the traditional […]
Much had been made of the ‘Just like football’ chants made by Tech fans following the Hokies’ basketball defeat of the Hoos in the John.  The greatest effect seemed to be on the Hoo players themselves. Attempting to show solidarity with their football brethren and perhaps inspired by algrohed coach algroh stopping by Hooville long […]
Roanoke Times sportswriter and noted algroh-lover Doug Doughty recently pointed out that Georgia Tech didn’t seem to be paying a lot for its new Defensive Coordinator. Following an exhausting investigative report that involved reading the Atlanta paper, the intrepid Doughty read that that the Jackets would be paying algroh, recently algrohed as Hoo football coach, […]
Various media sources have reported that the Hoos have hired Richmond coach and former algroh assistant Mike London for the enviable job of trying to rebuild the mess left behind by the Great NFL Legend Poetry Reader. The Hoos acted quickly to lock up London, merely hours after UR’s season ended in a loss to […]
The Hoos reacted to a Tech Internet columnist publicly proclaiming his support by losing to Arkansas in the College World Series. The announcement by a Tech fan that he was a closet supporter of Hoo baseball had something other than a positive effect on the Hoo team, as a blown late-game lead, a flurry of […]
05/06/2009 New Hoo basketball coach Tony Bennett vowed to speed up his tempo. Speaking to a gathering of Hoo basketball and music fans, Bennett addressed concerns that his style might be too slow to appeal to today’s audiences and players. “Sure, I made my reputation with syrupy ballads,” said Bennett, adding, “But let me tell […]
Hoos demanding a ‘big name’ basketball hire, this time, for its oft-vacant head coaching position, were thrilled when Hoo AD Craig ‘Sing to me, Tubby’ Littlepage announced that he had hired Tony Bennett as the new Hoo coach. Littlepage in 2005 attempted to hire Tubby Smith and four years later was still trying, quite impressed […]