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The ACC held its annual baseball tournament this past weekend in Greensboro. As is usually the case, I decided that if the conference was going to hold championships less than an hour from my house, the least I could do was go. It was an enjoyable time. The baseball gathering had been moved from Fenway […]
The Hoos reacted to a Tech Internet columnist publicly proclaiming his support by losing to Arkansas in the College World Series. The announcement by a Tech fan that he was a closet supporter of Hoo baseball had something other than a positive effect on the Hoo team, as a blown late-game lead, a flurry of […]
I have a confession to make. It is a very difficult admission, especially considering the image I have tried very hard to project over the years. But, I feel I must come clean. As I have for the last several years, I am enjoying watching the College World Series. That is nothing new. The dirty […]
Last Saturday night began my annual month or so of actually paying attention to college baseball. Not by coincidence, this period of time just happens to coincide with the NCAA playoffs and College World Series. Well, it beats the NBA playoffs, although there was amusement to be found from watching King James storm off the […]