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As we now move into the third week past the usual time the next ACC football schedule is released, shortly after Signing Day, it seems an opportune time to examine what is causing the hold-up.   The short answer is the Cousins. The how and why of how the boys in the Hills managed to […]
Another game, another win. And, another defensive casualty. And, as an added bonus, more Li’l E antics. Tech endured its seemingly season-long slow start against Fredo, actually trailing at the half. Then, as has become their habit, seemed to gain interest in playing in the Second Half and rolled to the win. Well, they should. […]
One thing about this Conference Expansion season: It is providing no shortage of hilarity. The high comedy of which expansion scenario, each more far-fetched than the last, will turn out to be the correct one has become a laugh riot as everybody from the usual assortment of message board loons to the Web sites themselves […]
August continues to creep by. As we continue the long and arduous trek through this most miserable of months, that shape off in the distance is starting to come more into focus and beginning to resemble the Georgia Dome. Chances are it’s not a mirage. While we wait the rest of the month out, we […]
So much for Destiny’s Darlings. The media-contrived efforts to turn a Michigan State team that won 26 games and the Big 11 title into some sort of Cinderella fighting for oppressed automobile workers everywhere lasted until Thompson’s first shot seconds into the game. The glass slipper was too small in the Heel. Carolina treated the […]
ACC Commissioner John ‘Little Johnny’ Swofford announced today that due to conference expansion having turned into an “expensive failure,” effective April 1, 2009, the ACC was returning Virginia Tech, Miami and Fredo to the Big East. Speaking to reporters assembled at the ACC’s Grandover headquarters in Greensboro, Swofford said that while expansion “seemed like a […]
Okay, let’s see a show of hands. When you filled out your NCAA brackets, how many picked Villanova and Michigan State in the Final Four? Anybody? I see a couple of hands, but not many. I was breezing along, having a pretty good tournament. Sure, I had made a couple of mistakes, such as vastly […]
The games dwindle down to a precious few. The exhibition portion of the basketball season is about to end. Teams continue to jostle for positions and seedings in what the media folks continue to assure us is the only reason to even play basketball, the NCAA Tournament. Cries of ‘We’re Number 66’ are not considered […]
Al be home for Christmas. Hoo can count on me. In most of the country, Thanksgiving Day ushers in the holiday season of carols and consumption. Not so in the Commonwealth of Virginia. In this neck of the woods the official start of festivities comes a couple of days later. That is when Tech beats […]
What if they gave a conference championship game and nobody came? The ACC is blanketing the football airwaves with commercials begging people to buy tickets for its annual not quite extravaganza. Actually, forty-eight hours in Ybor City doesn’t sound half-bad. There does, however, seem to be a problem. Nobody wants to play in the game. […]