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┬áThe A-Line Board of Football Experts It was a dizzying few days. Tech’s first two games happened in a blur of driving back and forth, one very long tailgate coupled with one very short one, two wins, one a dramatic overtime one, the other a rather perfunctory pounding of a far inferior opponent, two uniform […]
It was the best Alderson’s Birthday ever!   While Alderson’s Birthday has been well-known for its world-wide festivities, they had been, for me, quiet affairs. This had stemmed from the only Alderson’s Birthday celebration to which I had actually been invited, a 6th birthday party planned by my Mother, causing the worst snow storm of […]
It was the first funeral I have attended that concluded with the playing of ‘Tech Triumph.’ The Clubhouse Tailgate gathered last weekend in Suffolk for the Saturday funeral of one of our regulars, John Judkins. John passed on Monday, May 23, felled by a sinister and aggressive cancer that defied all treatment attempts and took […]
The A-Line Board of Football Experts Well, that was fun. Virginia Tech’s 2009 football season ended where it had begun, in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome against an SEC team. From this Hokie point of view, the results were considerably more satisfying. As always is the case, the trip was great fun. Things got underway last Tuesday […]
Once again, a long and dreary Dead Zone is at an end. Very soon, football will be played. The tedium of waiting is almost over. Like thirty-some odd thousand other Hokies and an equal if not greater number of Bama fans, I will in a couple of days be journeying to Atlanta to observe the […]
05/19/09 There is precious little to comment on these days, one of the reasons this site’s updates have become less frequent. There is a bit of news, what promises to be an excellent example of media overkill and an Atlanta announcement that will be of interest to some. The ACC last week held its Spring […]
04/27/2009 How about that Spring Game? Was that fun or what? Well, for the most part it was. The Virginia Tech Spring Game drew a crowd of 41,000, claimed to be the largest in the history of Tech holding these things. It was certainly the biggest I had seen in the 15 or so years […]
The Virginia Tech Spring Game is now all that stands between us and another dreary Dead Zone. It will be a long four months. The social event that is the Tech Spring Game will mark the end of the 2008-09 sports year. It began with a bonus game trip to South Carolina to watch NC […]
There ain’t much separating us from another Dead Zone. In this Commonwealth, we are down to two weekends. Spring football practice will conclude at Virginia Tech and Hooville with two notable social events, the Tech Spring Game and the always-exciting Hoo Football Festivus. I doubt there will be many people attending both. It is always […]
As usually happens this time of year, the NCAA has decided to conduct a basketball tournament. Once again, that august body’s Selection Committee closeted themselves in a luxury hotel, not emerging until they had thoroughly screened and vetted both the potential teams and room service options. We have the Final Sixty-Five. The NCAA Tournament will […]