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All’s well that ends well and the Tech- Wake game did. There were interesting goings-on around the rest of the ACC. And, in the competition between this year’s dual fall spectacles of conference realignment season and the actual football one, the former is proving quite funnier. At Wake, the Tech football team seemed to be […]
Okay, let’s have a show of hands. Who saw this one coming? This year’s extended Conference Expansion Season suddenly veered into an unexpected direction. As much of the civilized world sat and watched transfixed over the drama playing out in Texas and Oklahoma, the ACC suddenly entered the fray by scooping up Pitt and Syracuse. […]
It was quite the few days. It had been thought that this year’s Conference Expansion Season would contribute to a mostly-uneventful Dead Zone everywhere but Chapel Hill. That proved to be incorrect thinking. The major Expansion Wars of 2003 and 2010 that provided¬† roughly the same amount of movement as Churchill’s redrawing maps of the […]
This Dead Zone appears to be anything but. There seems to be a sporting event held once every four years that is a fairly big deal to all parts of the world except for this one. The World Cup competition again attempts to convince a skeptical North American sporting public that soccer is indeed a […]
One thing you can say about this year’s Conference Expansion season: There is never a dull moment. Or shortages of humor. We continue to follow the seemingly never-ending saga of the Big 11’s attempts to turn itself into the Big Teen. ‘Guiding Light’ thought it had a long run. It had been thought resolution had […]
One thing about this Conference Expansion season: It is providing no shortage of hilarity. The high comedy of which expansion scenario, each more far-fetched than the last, will turn out to be the correct one has become a laugh riot as everybody from the usual assortment of message board loons to the Web sites themselves […]
The Spring Game has come and gone. That means, of course, that once again we have entered the Dead Zone, that void of endless NBA and NHL playoffs, a stupefying number of professional baseball games and countless and seemingly pointless NASCAR races and golf tournaments. It will be the usual four months. Even the prospects […]