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As we now move into the third week past the usual time the next ACC football schedule is released, shortly after Signing Day, it seems an opportune time to examine what is causing the hold-up.   The short answer is the Cousins. The how and why of how the boys in the Hills managed to […]
Another game, another win. And, another defensive casualty. And, as an added bonus, more Li’l E antics. Tech endured its seemingly season-long slow start against Fredo, actually trailing at the half. Then, as has become their habit, seemed to gain interest in playing in the Second Half and rolled to the win. Well, they should. […]
It is the home stretch. Season tickets have been delivered, early [FedEx] travel arrangements made and I have even had dinner with Frank and several hundred other Roanoke Hokies. We are now inside a month and are counting down to another football season. Practice has begun at all schools and all available media outlets are […]