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It was an interesting weekend. With Virginia Tech facing a bye week in preparation to determining if their usual record and high ranking have been achieved through scheduling sleight-of-hand or, contrary to most visual evidence, the Hokies are actually that good, I found myself at loose ends. Once again I pondered the vexing question: What […]
It was an interesting Saturday. For the second time this year, the distances along I-95 to where Virginia Tech was judged to be just a bit far. For the second time this year, a Saturday afternoon was spent in my recliner observing two games on my Bravia. All in all, it was not a bad […]
One thing is for sure: Tech does make it interesting. After what seems to be the obligatory lousy First Half, this time matching the 0-17 Boise State deficit, Tech finally got their heads into the game and proceeded to roll over NC State 41-13 for the 41-30 final. If this Hokie team ever figures out […]