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It was an interesting weekend. With Virginia Tech facing a bye week in preparation to determining if their usual record and high ranking have been achieved through scheduling sleight-of-hand or, contrary to most visual evidence, the Hokies are actually that good, I found myself at loose ends. Once again I pondered the vexing question: What […]
Normally, the middle of January is when I finally get the bags unpacked from Tech’s bowl trip and begin to start paying a little more attention to basketball as played in the ACC and the rest of the country. Those that operate the football coaching wheel in the sky have put that off  a little. […]
“It’s an improvement.”– algroh The A-Line Board of Football Experts Is it basketball season yet? Ol’ Roy still has a ton of top-shelf talent returning and Coach K has addressed his guard shortage. ACC basketball is poised for another big year. And then there is football. Things did not get off to a promising start […]
And now the Hoos. With Tech’s perfunctory thrashing of a Canes team that showed that while it might be Backless it is not quite spineless out of the way, it is off to Hooville for the first Really Big Game in the long history of old rivals Tech and the Hoos. The winner grabs the […]
It has become a Sunday ritual during football season. While I usually spend fall Saturdays chasing the Virginia Tech football team around the countryside, after returning home the rest of the weekend generally kicks off with my reading of message boards. You can learn a lot. There is not only riotous entertainment to be had, […]
You blink your eyes a few times and it gets away. That is certainly the way it seems this 2007 football season. You turn your back and fully one quarter of it is gone. You have to keep your eyes on it every minute. Barely past the middle of September, three of the year’s twelve […]
The Clubhouse Tailgate fanned out across North America last weekend. From the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, tailgaters were perched in stadiums from Ann Arbor to Baton Rouge, the Big House and Death Valley. What they saw was lots of RUTS and the two most overrated teams in the country. While I am […]
The post-game conversations contained more than a bit of unease. Fans in attendance did not see what they expected. The big underdog had actually made a game of it. If the heavy favorite showed no more punch than this, what would happen when the heavier weights appeared on the schedule? These conversations were held outside […]
All in all, it was a pretty good trip. Bowl junkets usually are. There were some things that were less than optimum, such as a solid introduction, albeit brief, into the seamier side of Atlanta life and there was the little matter of the score. On the whole, however, it ranked right up there with […]
And now it’s Bowl Week. Christmas is over, as are all of those nondescript bowls placed before the holiday in order to flesh out programming on the Deuce. It is now time to get down to the brass tacks of bowling. There were all of those so-called ‘lower-tier’ bowls. They are called that for a […]