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The calendar has now, finally, flipped to August. T. S. Eliot had it wrong: August is the cruelest month. Aside from yet another month to endure of stifling heat and stupendous air conditioning bills, we are in that last, agonizing month before the start of another football season. One can easily imagine full stadiums [well, […]
Well, this very likely won’t be the first ACC basketball season where every single team finishes with an 8-8 record. While it looked for a while that the entire conference might finish at .500 in league play, and a bunch still might, a bit of separation has taken place in the standings. There is also […]
The A-Line Board of Football Experts After attending 12 Virginia Tech football games in the last 13 weeks, it was an interesting change of pace and actually a bit relaxing to take a break. Well, sort of. The Saturday spent not attending a game in person was spent watching a bunch of them on the […]
The A-Line Board of Football Experts Jim on WSET-TV [middle-aged?] “I’m sure I will always call the guy in the glass a friend.”- algroh And so it ended. Hoo football coach algroh was algrohed early Sunday, following what must have been one of the shortest program evaluations ever undertaken. The reign of the Great NFL […]
The A-Line Board of Football Experts Well, there is little to be said about last Saturday’s game. Tech was supposed to win and did. Tech was supposed to win by a lot and did. The Hokies sent the seniors out in style, blasting an injury-riddled NC State team and coaching staff [be well, Dana Bible],  […]
05/06/2009 New Hoo basketball coach Tony Bennett vowed to speed up his tempo. Speaking to a gathering of Hoo basketball and music fans, Bennett addressed concerns that his style might be too slow to appeal to today’s audiences and players. “Sure, I made my reputation with syrupy ballads,” said Bennett, adding, “But let me tell […]
Hoos demanding a ‘big name’ basketball hire, this time, for its oft-vacant head coaching position, were thrilled when Hoo AD Craig ‘Sing to me, Tubby’ Littlepage announced that he had hired Tony Bennett as the new Hoo coach. Littlepage in 2005 attempted to hire Tubby Smith and four years later was still trying, quite impressed […]
The respite between rounds of the NCAA Tournament does afford the opportunity to take a look at the sporting life goings-on around the rest of the region. From Hooville to Lynchburg to the land of sand, scrub pines and Strawgraspers, there is humor to be gleaned. Finding low comedy from Hooville might seem like RUTS, […]
Hoo Athletic Director Craig ‘Tubby, you still out there?’ Littlepage announced that basketball coach Fallback Dave had been run out of town on a rail resigned, effective just as soon as security could get him off the Grounds immediately. In announcing the leitaoing of Fallback Dave, Littlepage said, “[Fallback Dave] has been a lousy coach […]
A-Line Extra Media sources around the state have reported yet another escape from the Hoo football staff. Bob Diaco, hired as Hoo Defensive Coordinator after Magical Bob magically disappeared after serving only a 12-month sentence, has reportedly escaped from the Grounds. While Diaco is the latest in what have been numerous sucessful escapes from the […]