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Won Lost Bonus Total
Won Lost Bonus Total
5 5 1 6
88 42 5 93
7 3 0 7
90 40 3 93
9 1 1 10
86 44 3 89
7 3 0 7
87 43 1 88
6 4 0 6
87 43 0 87
6 4 0 6
85 45 0 85
Curmudgeon 7 3 0 7
83 47 2 85
8 2 0 8
83 47 2 85
7 3 0 7
82 48 2 84
7 3 0 7
81 49 2 83

Week 14

Florida State- Georgia Tech

Tom- The Jackets lack of a defense and an offense will likely be their undoing. Noles
Kevin-  Another "send your teams that just lost to their SEC rivals" loser bowl. ESPN cameras not to broadcast empty seats all around. I would need to be paid more than the $3 online ticket outlets are asking for to attend this. F$U wins.

The Default Bowl. Georgia Tech is suing for a chance to go to a bowl game despite the losing record with which they'll emerge from this game tells you all you need to know about ACC football. Noles win 34-10.
  Florida State

Paul-  SemiNoles....or else the league will be even more of a laughingstock this year.

Curmudgeon- Let's pray that GIT doesn't beat FSU. Talk about embarrassing. Florida State

 John-  Noles should have no trouble here

Mike-  Away team - FSU
Ryan-  F$U

Jim- The crown jewel of conference championship games. Surprisingly, tickets remain. F$U wins.

Alabama- Georgia

Tom- This will be a fun game to watch and also funny as hell if the Dawgs can beat Bama but that won’t happen. Bama
Kevin-  Winner will likely take all given the BCS opponent in the clubhouse. No reason to deviate from the script at this point. Bama

The de facto National Semifinal game, and a perfect illustration on why any College Football playoff should NOT include wildcards. 'Bama wins 13-10.

Paul-  Bama

Curmudgeon-  I'm going to pick the underdog, unless I do not. Alabama

 John-  Bammer

Mike-  Away team..? - BAMA
Ryan-  Roll Tide

Jim- While I am always sad to see a season end, continually updating the Experts page does get a little tiresome. Bama wins.

Nebraska- Wisconsin

Tom- This actually looks like a really good game. If the Noles are hammering the Jackets bad enough, I might watch some of this. Huskers. WRONG!
Kevin-  Corn over cheese WRONG!
Not quite the championship game the Big 10ish envisioned. Nebraska wins 24-20. WRONG!
  Nebraska WRONG!

Paul-  Wisconsin BONUS!

Curmudgeon-  I'll go with the corn fed boys from the Great Plains. Nebraska WRONG!

 John-  Huskers seem to be finishing strong this year WRONG!

Mike-  Away team...easy - CORN WRONG!
Ryan-  Don't care... Corn? WRONG!

Jim- The constant copying and pasting grows weary. Nebraska wins. WRONG!

UCLA- Stanford

Tom- Playing the same team 2 weeks in a row seems like something that would happen in the LE. Trees
Kevin-  Round 2 shouldn't be much more pleasant for the Bruins at Stanford's place. Is there a "question" or just a "statement"? Stanford going Rose

Trees win the rematch, 48-34.

Paul-  Trees

Curmudgeon-  Will Stanford beat UCLA twice in two weeks? We'll find out. Stanford

 John-  Trees, although it's hard to beat a team twice in a row, still...

Mike-  Home team - TREES
Ryan-  Is this a rerun of last week's game? Trees

Jim- Having to wait throughout the week for Experts' picks to dribble in through e-mail is a great joy. Stan wins. 

Texas- Kansas State

Tom- Colin Kline’s last shot at winning the Heisman. It’s not going to be enough to beat Johnny Football but the freshmen bias will probably give it to him. K-State
Kevin-  Klein's last chance to get votes for the trophy. KSU should win.

Wildcats angle for BCS with a 41-31 win.
  Kansas State

Paul-  K. State

Curmudgeon- I despise the teasippers, the Texas version of our own HOOs. Kansas State

 John-  Wildcats enjoy some well-done brisket

Mike-  Home team - K. STATE
Ryan-  K-State

Jim- Kevin's always paste in bold, while Tom's are in the wrong color and font. They take extra work. K-State wins.

Oklahoma- TCU

Tom- This game seems like an afterthought after since the Sooners have played in Bedlam. They win again. Sooners
Kevin-  TCU has not won a single conference home game. No reason to see that changing this week. Sooners again.

Horney frogs in the upset, 35-30. WRONG!

Paul-  Sooners

Curmudgeon- Can Bob Stoops win a conference championship game? We'll see. Oklahoma

 John-  Sooners should handles the toadies

Mike-  Away team... - SOONERS
Ryan-  OK

Jim- After it became painfully apparent I had no chance of winning this year, I thought about saying to hell with it. Oklahoma wins. 

Louisville- Rutgers

Tom- The first of the Blech games. Since both the Dorks and Louise look like they have already peaked, I’ll go with the home team. Dorks WRONG!
Kevin-  Some Tech fans need to get over Louiseville's invite and just ACCept that they're the best option out there if the conference is to stay viable. Will Louise be enough to save the ACC? Probably not, but until it is not home, it is. It's in the Cards to win this.

RUTSgers at home, 28-24. WRONG!

Paul-  The newest member of the ACC, Loserville takes out the DORKS.

Curmudgeon- I'm guessing Rutgers is going to choke. I'm throwing up in the mouth as I type this. Loserville

 John-  Rutsgers pulls it offWRONG!

Mike-  Rutgers spanks Louisville with the parting gift of a loss. Home team - CAMELOTWRONG!
Ryan-  Future ACC/B1G(?) Challenge matchup... Louisville

Jim- Things have gotten exciting, as Vip attempts to hold on. But, what about me? Louise wins.

Pittsburgh- South Florida

Tom- The second Blech game. Road team. Pitt
Kevin-  I've finally figured out Pitt. They only come to play at home. Skippy welcomes the Strawgraspers as he says goodbye to the Pitts with a W.

Meh...Pitt wins 38-31.

Paul-  Pitt

Curmudgeon- Boy, we have two losers here. I'll go with the loser that beat us. Pittsburgh

 John-  Pitt prevails

Mike-  Away team - PITT
Ryan-  Daaa Bulls WRONG!

Jim- Vicki just called wanting to know if I was going to put up a Christmas tree. Why would I do that? Pitt wins.

Oklahoma State- Baylor

Tom- Since losing Bedlam, I’ll say the road team. PokesWRONG!
Kevin-  Gotta go Pokes here. WRONG!
Another defense-optional Big 12ish game. Okie State wins 51-45. WRONG!
  Oklahoma StateWRONG!

Paul-  Baylor springs another upset.

Curmudgeon- Those boys from T Boone Pickens University will get after you. Oklahoma StateWRONG!

 John-  Cowboys bait the BearsWRONG!

Mike-  Yee haw! Ride 'em...COWBOYSWRONG!
Ryan-  Daaa Bears

Jim- "It's Christmas." Not a good reason. Okie State wins.  WRONG!

Northern Illinois- Kent State

Tom- At least by playing on Friday, somebody will watch this. FlashersWRONG!
Kevin-  Picking the team that lost by 1 to Iowa, not the one creamed by lowly Kentucky. Northern and Ill.

MACtion, baby! Kent State (formerly Homecoming U.) wins 37-31. WRONG!
  Northern Illinois

Paul-  Kent StateWRONG!

Curmudgeon- Kent State is trying to become BCS eligible. I'll throw them a bone. Kent StateWRONG!

 John-  Huskies lift leg on golden flashes

Mike-  Home a tight one? - FLASH(ES) GO(L)RDONWRONG!
Ryan-  Kent StWRONG!

Jim- This will likely be it, unless Ivan can again talk me into picking bowl games. Kent State wins. WRONG!

    Name That RUTS

Kansas- West Virginia

Tom- Gino Smith probably won’t be passing much due to the cold but it probably won’t matter. Neers by 25.
Kevin- You have to love those heated Big 12 rivalries! Many arm chairs will burn! Cousins by 25.

Come on Dana...go for a hundred. Let's call it a 63-14 win for the Cousins. WIN!

  WVU by 19

Paul-  Cousins by 24

Curmudgeon- Lets say, WVU by 42

- Heh, heh, Cuzzins by 11

- Name those duds...? Couch burners by 30.

Ryan- Kansas by 4.

But, considering how the ex-Russian's picks look this week, maybe he won't. Cousins by 55.

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