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All’s well that ends well and the Tech- Wake game did. There were interesting goings-on around the rest of the ACC. And, in the competition between this year’s dual fall spectacles of conference realignment season and the actual football one, the former is proving quite funnier. At Wake, the Tech football team seemed to be […]
The calendar has now, finally, flipped to August. T. S. Eliot had it wrong: August is the cruelest month. Aside from yet another month to endure of stifling heat and stupendous air conditioning bills, we are in that last, agonizing month before the start of another football season. One can easily imagine full stadiums [well, […]
Last weekend was the occasion of Tech’s biannual visit to the University of North Carolina at the People’s Republic of Chapel Hill. Both teams, as well as the tailgate company, pitched in to ensure it was another good one. I relish all Hokie games in the Old North State, in large part because any of […]
Now comes the hard part. After spending from the middle of September through October pounding a succession of weak teams, with the only resistance coming in Raleigh, Virginia Tech now prepares for the November from the nether regions. Next up, a Thursday night visit from Georgia Tech. As we take a week off to ponder […]
We have reached roughly the mid-point of another ACC football season.  As often is the case when discussing conference football, results are something other than positive. Tech has arrived at this juncture sporting a 4-2 record, not exactly what was expected after the coaching staff and most everybody else with even a remote connection to […]
Much had been made of the ‘Just like football’ chants made by Tech fans following the Hokies’ basketball defeat of the Hoos in the John.  The greatest effect seemed to be on the Hoo players themselves. Attempting to show solidarity with their football brethren and perhaps inspired by algrohed coach algroh stopping by Hooville long […]
Roanoke Times sportswriter and noted algroh-lover Doug Doughty recently pointed out that Georgia Tech didn’t seem to be paying a lot for its new Defensive Coordinator. Following an exhausting investigative report that involved reading the Atlanta paper, the intrepid Doughty read that that the Jackets would be paying algroh, recently algrohed as Hoo football coach, […]
Normally, the middle of January is when I finally get the bags unpacked from Tech’s bowl trip and begin to start paying a little more attention to basketball as played in the ACC and the rest of the country. Those that operate the football coaching wheel in the sky have put that off  a little. […]
The A-Line Board of Football Experts Jim on WSET-TV [middle-aged?] “I’m sure I will always call the guy in the glass a friend.”- algroh And so it ended. Hoo football coach algroh was algrohed early Sunday, following what must have been one of the shortest program evaluations ever undertaken. The reign of the Great NFL […]
The A-Line Board of Football Experts Well, there is little to be said about last Saturday’s game. Tech was supposed to win and did. Tech was supposed to win by a lot and did. The Hokies sent the seniors out in style, blasting an injury-riddled NC State team and coaching staff [be well, Dana Bible],  […]