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Okay, let’s have a show of hands. Who saw this one coming? This year’s extended Conference Expansion Season suddenly veered into an unexpected direction. As much of the civilized world sat and watched transfixed over the drama playing out in Texas and Oklahoma, the ACC suddenly entered the fray by scooping up Pitt and Syracuse. […]
So, how are your brackets? Following four days of basketball noted primarily for the large numbers of high seeds getting shot down like a Mig over the Sinai and the quick exit of 5/6 of the ACC schools actually invited, the college basketball world pauses to take a breath and rest for a few days. […]
As usually happens twice a year, the howling about the participants in a college postseason is loud and long. Cries of rigged systems and nefarious plots to reward favored teams abound. There is not a lot of difference between what is heard in basketball than the clamor following each and every football season. In basketball, […]
Throughout his twenty-year career as a head college basketball coach, Seth Greenberg has had plenty of opportunities to explain why his teams were not chosen for the NCAA Tournament. The most recent Selection Sunday with its most recent snub of Virginia Tech, provided the latest. A week ago, Tech had seemed a lock to finally […]
The ACC’s battle royal of a regular season has ended. All 12 of the teams, their handlers, cut men and UCF officials convene in Greensboro. The final seedings and even the identity of fourth team with a Thursday bye was not decided until the last minute of the last game Sunday night. Ratings for the […]
It always bothered my parents that I didn’t go to Duke. Much more than it did me. I grew up in Fairview Methodist Church. Although the last two times I have set foot in the place were for my Mother’s funeral and that of a really neat cousin of my maternal grandmother and I have […]
A month ago, things looked bleak for Virginia Tech. The Hokies had ridden an OOC schedule so weak that even a team coached by Seth Greenberg only lost to the one good team it played. Coupled with a relatively-easy ACC draw that had the Hokies playing twice the worst teams in the league and Tech […]
Of all the ACC basketball games, those between Virginia Tech and Duke are my least favorite. Sunday night was why. Many are aware that I have closely followed Duke basketball for decades, more closely and much longer than I have followed the same sport at Tech. Through the good graces of a fellow Hokie who […]
Much had been made of the ‘Just like football’ chants made by Tech fans following the Hokies’ basketball defeat of the Hoos in the John.  The greatest effect seemed to be on the Hoo players themselves. Attempting to show solidarity with their football brethren and perhaps inspired by algrohed coach algroh stopping by Hooville long […]
Another week’s observation of the games people play produced another interesting week. Well, aside from a Sunday of high comedy. Nothing says Valentine’s Day like watching drivers line up to be interviewed by Fox while NASCAR officials attempt to figure out how to repair a track. While one would think that for all of the […]