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So, how are your brackets? Following four days of basketball noted primarily for the large numbers of high seeds getting shot down like a Mig over the Sinai and the quick exit of 5/6 of the ACC schools actually invited, the college basketball world pauses to take a breath and rest for a few days. […]
So much for Destiny’s Darlings. The media-contrived efforts to turn a Michigan State team that won 26 games and the Big 11 title into some sort of Cinderella fighting for oppressed automobile workers everywhere lasted until Thompson’s first shot seconds into the game. The glass slipper was too small in the Heel. Carolina treated the […]
Okay, let’s see a show of hands. When you filled out your NCAA brackets, how many picked Villanova and Michigan State in the Final Four? Anybody? I see a couple of hands, but not many. I was breezing along, having a pretty good tournament. Sure, I had made a couple of mistakes, such as vastly […]
The respite between rounds of the NCAA Tournament does afford the opportunity to take a look at the sporting life goings-on around the rest of the region. From Hooville to Lynchburg to the land of sand, scrub pines and Strawgraspers, there is humor to be gleaned. Finding low comedy from Hooville might seem like RUTS, […]
It was not exactly the stuff of Little Johnny’s tournament dreams. Of the seven ACC teams that marched off to do battle in the NCAA Tournament, four were home after their first game, while a fifth was bounced in its second. To add insult to injury, both of the league’s NIT entrants were gone by […]
When last week began,  there appeared to be three ACC teams chasing perhaps two spots in the NCAA Tournament. Five losses in six games later, the chances of the conference placing more than half its membership roster in the Big Dance have gotten considerably more remote. A Lawrence Welk show had fewer popping bubbles. Virginia […]
The games dwindle down to a precious few. The exhibition portion of the basketball season is about to end. Teams continue to jostle for positions and seedings in what the media folks continue to assure us is the only reason to even play basketball, the NCAA Tournament. Cries of ‘We’re Number 66’ are not considered […]
04/07/08 It was a short Final Four for Carolina. A funny thing happened to this Tar Heels team on their way to adding their own banner to the seemingly dozens of championship ones draped around the rafters of Dean’s Dome. Specifically, Kansas happened. Yikes! My bracket picks of Carolina meeting UCLA in the Final Two […]
On the Outs 03/17/08 Quick, who won the NIT last year? I would have to look it up, too. After Sunday’s NCAA Selection Show, the No Interest Tournament garnered quite a bit more in this neck of the woods. Let the shouts of ‘We’re Number 66’ begin. Roughly twenty-seven hours after Tyler the Good shot […]
In and Out 03/10/08 It took fourteen weeks and thirty-plus games for most teams, but the primary goal of the basketball regular basketball season has been accomplished: seedings have been determined for the conference tournaments. Well, there has been a little more. The least meaningful of all sports regular seasons finally lurched to an end […]