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Well, it was Halloween. The ACC staged a fairly-eventful weekend of football, a zany few days of tricks played on most of the favorites and a rather large treat awarded to one team. The main beneficiary of the action was Virginia Tech. Through no fault of its own, the Hokies saw their Coastal Division lead […]
Now that was more like it! Virginia Tech flashed back to its olden days of football by riding a strong defensive effort in shutting out Fredo. It was the first time Fredo had failed to dent the scoreboard since the last time Tech shut them out back in 1998. The series seems to be regaining […]
The ACC’s battle royal of a regular season has ended. All 12 of the teams, their handlers, cut men and UCF officials convene in Greensboro. The final seedings and even the identity of fourth team with a Thursday bye was not decided until the last minute of the last game Sunday night. Ratings for the […]
Last Saturday night began my annual month or so of actually paying attention to college baseball. Not by coincidence, this period of time just happens to coincide with the NCAA playoffs and College World Series. Well, it beats the NBA playoffs, although there was amusement to be found from watching King James storm off the […]
05/19/09 There is precious little to comment on these days, one of the reasons this site’s updates have become less frequent. There is a bit of news, what promises to be an excellent example of media overkill and an Atlanta announcement that will be of interest to some. The ACC last week held its Spring […]
ACC Commissioner John ‘Little Johnny’ Swofford announced today that due to conference expansion having turned into an “expensive failure,” effective April 1, 2009, the ACC was returning Virginia Tech, Miami and Fredo to the Big East. Speaking to reporters assembled at the ACC’s Grandover headquarters in Greensboro, Swofford said that while expansion “seemed like a […]
A-Line Extra Fredo recently announced that he had elevated Defensive Coordinator Frank Spaziani to the position of Head Football Coach. The job had been vacant since former coach Jeff Jagodzinski had determined that unemployment was preferable to spending another day coaching the team. Many might have missed the announcement, since it was buried in the […]
It is always amusing observing the goings-on at Boston College. Whether it is their latest point-shaving scandal, the riotous bragging done by school administrators about the high ethical standards they impart to their students as the same administrators engage in shady back room negotiations and outright lying, or the ever-increasing numbers of one-way flights out […]
We now have an answer to the question of ‘Suppose the ACC gave a football championship game and nobody came?’ The answer, of course, is ‘Virginia Tech would win it, as usual.’ The Hokies knocked off Fredo last Saturday in the relative solitude of Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium. If Tech is going to continue to […]
With the football season right around the corner, this seems like as good a time as any to make my annual football predictions. As always, these predictions are guaranteed to be correct unless they are not. Atlantic Division 1] Florida State- For 16 years the Noles have resided atop ACC preseason forecasts. For most of […]