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It was an interesting couple of days, to say the least.   Fans of Virginia Tech on Saturday went through the emotional wringer early that Saturday of realizing that, should they win the ACC, they would be facing the Cousins, giving, finally, the Hill folk the chance at getting at those Hokie traitors. Midway through […]
The A-Line Board of Football Experts After a rather pleasant weekend spent about as far away from thoughts of college football as could be imagined, it is now back to the grind. And how about Ol’ Removal Roy, huh? As has become our habit over the last few years, the Clubhouse Tailgate will again bridge […]
05/04/09 There do seem to be a fair amount of problems besetting the Republic these days. From the recession to foreign wars to the death throes of the domestic automobile industry to the media’s Captain Trips scare, any and every venture into the various communication realms devoted to presenting what passes for ‘news’ these days […]
What if they gave a conference championship game and nobody came? The ACC is blanketing the football airwaves with commercials begging people to buy tickets for its annual not quite extravaganza. Actually, forty-eight hours in Ybor City doesn’t sound half-bad. There does, however, seem to be a problem. Nobody wants to play in the game. […]
Another football season continues to inch closer. Tangible evidence was offered as the ACC held its annual preseason football extravaganza at a Georgia resort. Three days of golf, seafood buffets and heavy drinking certainly put attendees in a football frame of mind. Little of real substance comes out of these affairs, unless one is an […]
Other Things 02/14/08 It was another quiet Alderson’s Birthday. Once again, as I do every February 13, I arose and quickly checked the day’s calendar to determine what events and celebrations I would be attending to mark the holiday. Once again, I discovered there were none. After several decades, I am starting to get the […]
The prognosticators were right after all. Last August, the media covering ACC football picked, in overwhelming fashion, Virginia Tech to win the league’s football championship. While being tabbed the favorite in the post-expansion ACC has usually been the kiss of death, the media, lo and behold, this time got it right. Tech actually won the […]
Is it warm enough for everybody? With Mother Nature decreeing that the July weather should closely resemble, well, July weather, a heat wave has locked up the Mid-Atlantic and a good chunk of the rest of the country. Temperatures soar into the Nineties, combining with humidity levels of roughly the same number, making any journey […]