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After all of the talk and all of the hype, it was business as usual.   There had been much chatter surrounding this year’s annual Virginia Tech- Hoo game. Most of it centered around the ‘London Miracle’ in Hooville, with the Hoo coach credited with what had been thought a near impossibility, getting Mr. Jefferson’s […]
Al be home for Christmas. Hoo can count on me. In most of the country, Thanksgiving Day ushers in the holiday season of carols and consumption. Not so in the Commonwealth of Virginia. In this neck of the woods the official start of festivities comes a couple of days later. That is when Tech beats […]
It’s all a matter of perspective. That came through loud and clear in Sunday’s fish-wrap edition of the Daily Hoo. Splashed across the front of the sports section in large type and big bold letters was the summation of the previous day’s activity from the local point of view. It read: BUMMERBALL. Not from where […]
The various news media have spent quite a bit of time, column inches, airwave spectrum and bandwidth recently over the awarding of the 2012 Olympics. I didn’t really follow it all that closely, as the chances of the Games of the XXX Olympiad [let’s see how long it takes porn purveyors to really screw up […]