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It was an interesting weekend. With Virginia Tech facing a bye week in preparation to determining if their usual record and high ranking have been achieved through scheduling sleight-of-hand or, contrary to most visual evidence, the Hokies are actually that good, I found myself at loose ends. Once again I pondered the vexing question: What […]
Another game, another win. And, another defensive casualty. And, as an added bonus, more Li’l E antics. Tech endured its seemingly season-long slow start against Fredo, actually trailing at the half. Then, as has become their habit, seemed to gain interest in playing in the Second Half and rolled to the win. Well, they should. […]
The Return of the A-Line Board of Football Experts Well, it was a fun Week 1. There’s nothing like heading back to Tech for another football season, enjoying a pre-game tailgate with old friends, then having the game essentially decided in the first minute. Appalachian State, attempting to rectify last year’s egg laid by Virginia […]
The calendar has now, finally, flipped to August. T. S. Eliot had it wrong: August is the cruelest month. Aside from yet another month to endure of stifling heat and stupendous air conditioning bills, we are in that last, agonizing month before the start of another football season. One can easily imagine full stadiums [well, […]
Well, it was Halloween. The ACC staged a fairly-eventful weekend of football, a zany few days of tricks played on most of the favorites and a rather large treat awarded to one team. The main beneficiary of the action was Virginia Tech. Through no fault of its own, the Hokies saw their Coastal Division lead […]
The ACC’s battle royal of a regular season has ended. All 12 of the teams, their handlers, cut men and UCF officials convene in Greensboro. The final seedings and even the identity of fourth team with a Thursday bye was not decided until the last minute of the last game Sunday night. Ratings for the […]
It always bothered my parents that I didn’t go to Duke. Much more than it did me. I grew up in Fairview Methodist Church. Although the last two times I have set foot in the place were for my Mother’s funeral and that of a really neat cousin of my maternal grandmother and I have […]
Of all the ACC basketball games, those between Virginia Tech and Duke are my least favorite. Sunday night was why. Many are aware that I have closely followed Duke basketball for decades, more closely and much longer than I have followed the same sport at Tech. Through the good graces of a fellow Hokie who […]
The A-Line Board of Football Experts Well, that was a fun weekend. Well, take away the nagging cough, sniffles and general all-around feeling of malaise that won’t seem to go away [the rain during the Canes game- the gift that keeps on giving] and it was still a fun weekend. Well, take away the annoying […]
It was not exactly the stuff of Little Johnny’s tournament dreams. Of the seven ACC teams that marched off to do battle in the NCAA Tournament, four were home after their first game, while a fifth was bounced in its second. To add insult to injury, both of the league’s NIT entrants were gone by […]