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It certainly was a very interesting Thanksgiving holiday. Four days worth of riding back and forth, up and down Christiansburg Hill between Roanoke and Blacksburg, interspersed with excellent ways of spending my time does make for one. My Thanksgiving got off to a rousing start. I was invited to take the holiday meal with four- […]
Well, it was Halloween. The ACC staged a fairly-eventful weekend of football, a zany few days of tricks played on most of the favorites and a rather large treat awarded to one team. The main beneficiary of the action was Virginia Tech. Through no fault of its own, the Hokies saw their Coastal Division lead […]
We have reached roughly the mid-point of another ACC football season.  As often is the case when discussing conference football, results are something other than positive. Tech has arrived at this juncture sporting a 4-2 record, not exactly what was expected after the coaching staff and most everybody else with even a remote connection to […]
The A-Line Board of Football Experts Maybe it is the revenge of the Football Gods. Perhaps they were so offended by the crassness displayed by Virginia Tech in selling its soul to Nike and allowing its football team to be attired in whatever garish creation the sports conglomerate could come up with that they decided […]
The ACC’s battle royal of a regular season has ended. All 12 of the teams, their handlers, cut men and UCF officials convene in Greensboro. The final seedings and even the identity of fourth team with a Thursday bye was not decided until the last minute of the last game Sunday night. Ratings for the […]
The A-Line Board of Football Experts Well, that was a fun weekend. Well, take away the nagging cough, sniffles and general all-around feeling of malaise that won’t seem to go away [the rain during the Canes game- the gift that keeps on giving] and it was still a fun weekend. Well, take away the annoying […]
It was not exactly the stuff of Little Johnny’s tournament dreams. Of the seven ACC teams that marched off to do battle in the NCAA Tournament, four were home after their first game, while a fifth was bounced in its second. To add insult to injury, both of the league’s NIT entrants were gone by […]
As usually happens this time of year, the NCAA has decided to conduct a basketball tournament. Once again, that august body’s Selection Committee closeted themselves in a luxury hotel, not emerging until they had thoroughly screened and vetted both the potential teams and room service options. We have the Final Sixty-Five. The NCAA Tournament will […]
Florida State President T. K. Wetherell pronounced that he was “confused” over NCAA interpretations of penalties due from FSU’s latest scandal, this one involving academics. The NCAA had placed Florida State on probation due to the cheating scandal involving 61 Noles in 10 sports. Wetherell’s ‘confusion’ stemmed from the NCAA ordering the school to vacate […]
The games dwindle down to a precious few. The exhibition portion of the basketball season is about to end. Teams continue to jostle for positions and seedings in what the media folks continue to assure us is the only reason to even play basketball, the NCAA Tournament. Cries of ‘We’re Number 66’ are not considered […]