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So, where were you when LeBron made the Decision? It certainly was one of those momentous times rarely seen in the human experience. Years from now, people will remember exactly where they were when the NBA’s Bestest Player Ever made his fateful choice, much like they do for other seminal events such as 9/11 or […]
Football is in the air. Well, at least talk about football. The ACC staged its annual Football Kickoff over a long weekend. For a couple of days, attempts were made to ignore, or at least minimize, the ominous storm clouds that are gathering around league football and paint smiley faces over the whole operation. They […]
05/19/09 There is precious little to comment on these days, one of the reasons this site’s updates have become less frequent. There is a bit of news, what promises to be an excellent example of media overkill and an Atlanta announcement that will be of interest to some. The ACC last week held its Spring […]
So much for Destiny’s Darlings. The media-contrived efforts to turn a Michigan State team that won 26 games and the Big 11 title into some sort of Cinderella fighting for oppressed automobile workers everywhere lasted until Thompson’s first shot seconds into the game. The glass slipper was too small in the Heel. Carolina treated the […]
These are indeed the Dog Daze of August. After a brief weekend respite from the heat when temperatures plunged to a bracing 92, local forecasters inform me and everyone else that we are due for another bout of triple digits. Only the arrival of football season tickets offers any kind of hope for respite for […]
The various news media have spent quite a bit of time, column inches, airwave spectrum and bandwidth recently over the awarding of the 2012 Olympics. I didn’t really follow it all that closely, as the chances of the Games of the XXX Olympiad [let’s see how long it takes porn purveyors to really screw up […]